Kettlebell Training: The Scott Sonnon Way

I’ve been with a for quite some time now. I’ve stuck to the basics: Swings, Snatches, , , and Row. I’ve also done Windmils, Goblet Squats, Sots Press, and Turkish Get Up.

The basics are fun, but also very damaging! One of the biggest problems I’ve found from heavy is pain in my hands. I usually just lay off from my Kettlebell training for a few days.

Once my joints start feeling better, I go back and destroy them again with some more Kettlebel training! That was until I began to follow Scott Sonnon’s training. Everything from TacFit Commando to TacFit Rope, everything that touches turns to gold because…his information IS gold.

Here’s some mobility drills you can use as a warmup before you next Kettlebell training session. He also goes over how to properly hold a Kettlebell (something very few people cover at all):


Who is Scott Sonnon’s For?

I want to say that Scott Sonnon’s workouts are for everyone. But they’re really not. They are best for hardcore Kettlebell enthusiasts, combat athletes, and law enforcement personnel. If you’re looking a for a Kettlebell program to specifically help you lose fat and build muscle, then I recommend Kettlebell Revolution.

The reason why Scott Sonnon’s workouts are best for a specific group of people is because they are sports and field specific. The movements that he incorporates focus on transferring strength when you’re in “awkward” positions.

For example, the following move would help you tremendously during a fight if you were on the ground (and almost ALL fights end up on the ground):


Fluid Style vs. Hardstyle

Hardstyle is the Kettlebell technique developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, and the method of training most people familiar with Kettlebell training perform. It is primarily used to improve power, and makes for a great way to perform cardio.

However, Scott Sonnon’s technique differs in form and is focused more on fluidity rather than moving the most weight as fast as possible. It is focused on developing more core strength and endurance.

For those that are familiar with the Kettlebell , you can see the difference in Scott Sonnon’s technique in this video:


6 Degrees of Freedom

With any Scott Sonnon program, you are exposed to the 6 Degrees of Freedom (6D) method of training. This method focuses on moving your body through the following movement planes:

  • Heaving: moving up and down
  • Swaying: moving right and left
  • Surging: moving forward and backward
  • Pitching: bending forward and backward
  • Yawing: twisting right and left
  • Rolling: turning right and left

6D can be incorporated using any equipment – bodyweight, kettlebell, suspension, dumbbell, clubbells – because of it’s universal “health first” approach to training. There are many ways to getting six pack abs, bulging biceps, or improving athletic performance, but many of them will actually DAMAGE your body rather then focus on keeping it healthy (from the inside out).

Scott Sonnon has identified a few key problems with the “traditional” method of training:

Injury – Extremely common in high intensity training. Injury can not only occur DURING the training session, but also while performing seemingly unrelated events – like climbing up the stairs or running after a bus.

Injury is often caused by imbalances and poor warmup and recovery. Most trainees completely ignore their joints, especially young ones. The wear and tear on your body will eventually catch up to you.

Regression – Even though you work harder, your results start to regress. You actually get weaker. This honestly has not yet happened to me, but Coach Sonnon sees it all the time. It’s frustrating for the athlete.

But if you look at life in general, the guy who is at the top of his game doesn’t necessarily work harder. He works smart AND harder. I personally am always focused on efficiency. How can I get the best results without increasing my work hours?

Diminishing Returns – The more you work, the less results you see. This is often the case with people trying to lose weight with jogging. Your body adapts constantly, so it takes you longer to burn off the same amount of calories.

I’ve known this for quite some time, which is why I focus on . However, that’s not enough. You must also constantly challenge your body with unique movements. Find a way to challenge your body is forced to work harder, adapt, change, and grow.

Illiness – I am scared of over training. Constant over training can lead to illness. You need to give your body time to recover. But there are certain things you can do to speed up recovery.

Scott Sonnon talks about being able to spring into action at any moment. He works with law enforcement personnel every day, and if a police officer can’t perform his job because of muscle soreness, then he’s in trouble!

If you’re ready to experience a new side of Kettlebell Training, then I strongly recommend Scott Sonnon’s new Kettlebell Program: Kettlebell Spetsnaz. Click here for more information.

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