Kill It with this Battling Ropes & Bear Crawl Circuit

When you into the gym, on the right you’ll see row of cardio machines, and on the left you’ll see ab stations. Don’t be fooled, because the real fun isn’t on the first floor. As you walk down the stairs, you’ll see at least 3 beefy types killing it with heavy a** . You feel as though you’re in a completely different world. Upstairs is commercial gym, and downstairs is meathead central.

But the fun still hasn’t begun there. As you walk past all the pulldown machines, , and pully systems, you’ll notice an entrance to another world. It’s like walking through Narnia. If I hadn’t just see old ladies gossipping on the bikes upstairs, and meatheads downstairs, I’d think I was in a Crossfit box.

I see an open room, with matted floor. On my right are a row . In front I see two TRX systems. To my left there is a stack of , a pullup bar. Also against the wall are steps and platform to perform vertical jumps. The meatheads steal them to do box squats. And then, there it is. Actually now two of them: battling ropes.

I first heard of battling ropes from Mike Mahler. He was the dude that got on the bandwagon fast, and literally built an industry for himself in America. I was interested in what he was doing, but didn’t pay any mind. Now battling ropes are the next best thing to sprinting and Kettlebells.

The first time I tried battling ropes was with Shawn, the trainer I had hired at the beginning of this year. I needed something new to shock my body, and he brought it on. A part of his arsenal was this crazy circuit which went something like so:

3 rounds of:

  • 30 seconds battling ropes
  • Bear crawl to the end of room and back
  • Sprint to stairs, run up and down stairs, and sprint back into room.

My crazy trainer did this before my , so I was already exhausted 10 minutes into our 30 minute session. Give this routine a try once per week, then up the ante as you see fit.

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