Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Results

There are many muscle building programs out there, but few of them produce results the way that Lean Hybrid Muscle does. Check  out this video:


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Meet the authors…

Who is Mike Westerdal?

Mike Westerdal is the founder of the biggest weight lifting sits on the web: CriticalBench.com. Mike played college football for 4 years at Central Connecticut State University.

Keeping his body in shape was fairly easy with morning runs, daily practice, and mandatory weight lifting sessions. After college, Mike took up amateur powerlifting and started Critical Bench. However, during the process he also packed on 25 lbs of unnecessary fat!

At 35 years old, he was stronger than he was playing football, but he was out of condition, and didn’t like it. He wanted to be strong, big, AND lean, not just strong and big.

That is when he decided to change the way he trained. Introducing…Lean Hybrid Muscle!

In the first 6 weeks of training, Mike lost 12 pounds of fat, and gained 10 pounds of muscle. He and countless others have proven that gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is possible.

Since then, Mike has tested his strategy on countless human “guinea pigs” to make sure Lean Hybrid Muscle is the real deal. And, as you can tell from the video above, the Lean Hybrid Muscle works EVERY TIME!

Who is Elliott Hulse?


Elliott was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up on Long Island (I live in Long Island. Yay!). Growing up, Elliott was obsessed with health and fitness and becoming a stronger version of himself.

Elliott has interned with some of the best health and fitness coaches in the world. Paul Check, Joe Kenn, and Tom Mitchell have had a huge impact on Elliott’s training philosophy.

Today, he is the owner of Strength Camp based in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he teaches baseball, football, and high school wrestlers how to get stronger for their respective sports.

He is also a strongman, and author and publisher of over 50 books, audios, and DVDs online. Elliot shares his thoughts on strength training and fat loss on his own blog, HulseStrength.com


Now that you’ve met the authors…


Click here to Learn More about Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded!

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