Learning Kettlebells at Home: Movement Prep

If you’re trying to learn at home, then one of most important aspects to your should be movement prep. According to Coach , Movement Prep should replace your traditional warmup.

This is because Kettlebell are incredibly complex. That is one reason why they are so effective. You’re not just moving a weight up and down. There’s a lot more going on there, even with a simple chest press.

So, what is movement prep? Movement prep is where you perform movements that mimic the movements that you will actually perform in the . This part of your workout, which would normally be the warmup, is actually focused on improving technique, loosening up muscles involved in the  movement, improve coordination, and correct imbalances.

Based on the exercise that you are performing, your prep workout would be different. For example, if swing are involved in the workout, I would perform a squat jump with half the range of motion of a traditional squat jump. This is because the squat jump involves the same power generation as the .

Using to warmup for a is a great idea. Modify your slightly, so you’re not exactly going all out with them, but you’re still loosing up muscles and working on technique.

Another method for movement prep is to simply use a lighter Kettlebell and perform the same movement. I used to have a 15lb dumbbell (before I gave it away to my neighbor) which I used to practice all of my Kettlebell movements before each workout.

Develop a short Movement Prep routine that gets your heart flowing but isn’t too vigorous. One movement I feel should be part of every Kettlebell warmup should be the squat jump. Since almost every single standing Kettlebell movement incorporates hip power, this is a great movement to use!

Your Movement Prep routine does not have to be that long. 5-10 minutes is all you need! Just a simple routine will sky rocket your progress and reduce your chance for injury.

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