LEG RAISES can build SIX PACK ABS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

When someone has a nice, lean set of it tells you something about them: that they put in the in the gym, and in life.

Hard work in the gym is synonymous with hard work in life. I know that when I feel lazy and sluggish, a good workout always gets the flowing, pulling me out of my slump and back into my work routine.

The leg raise not only works your abs, but also provides you with that full-body blood circulation that’ll snap you back to reality.

Let’s get into the movement:

Complete Ab Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Side Plank 3 30 seconds hold each side
Side Bend 3 12-15 each side
Hanging Knee Raises 3 12-15 repetitions

Leg Raises Tips and Tricks:

#1 – Keep your core tight – this exercise won’t work if you abs are flopping every which way. You must maintain tension through the entire body. Remember, focus on quality reps over quantity.

#2 – Keep your pace slow and steady – to maintain tension and to prevent momentum, bring your legs up slowly, and lower slowly.  Go up the same speed you go down.

#3 – Hanging your entire core – one of the few ab exercises that target the entire abdominal wall, making it a potent exercise

#4 – Beginners can bend your knees – as you get stronger, try to keep your legs as straight as possible

#5 – 6 sets of 12-20 – use this reps/set scheme if this movement alone, or if you’re advanced enough to do it.

The Exercise:

Additional Ab Training:

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