Lose Fat with Supersets and Trisets!

“But I don’t have to Exericise!” – Image by higekuma

The single biggest excuse people state for not exercising is a lack of time. This is due to the belief that you must train for 90 minutes a day at an expensive gym, or purchase some expensive equipment or a set of DVD’s in order to get into great shape. That’s not true.

How to Get Done Faster

The key to getting exercise done quickly is to improve your density. The concept of density is very simple: perform more work in a given time frame, or perform a given amount of work faster than you’ve done it before. Of course the “work” we’re talking about here is exercise.

The Benefits

The greatest benefit of density training is that you are able to complete your workout in a shorter period of time. This is extremely helpful for busy professionals who have no more than an hour per week to train.

Another advantage of density training is that it allows you to lose fat and with relatively light to moderate weights. The point is to condense more work within a given period of time, thus increasing the and overload without having to increase the weight.

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For example, say that you squat 200lbs for 10 reps, resting 2 minutes per set. Drop the rest period down to 90 seconds and perform the workout. The weight will feel harder because your body is more fatigued. Your body really doesn’t know how much weight it’s lifting. Your body only knows that there’s something there that it can’t lift because it’s tired, and the only way for it move that object is to get bigger and stronger.

The Program

Two methods of improving your density are and trisets. Supersets are simply two exercises performed back to back without rest. They have also been called couplets and compound sets. Trisets are three exercises performed back to back without rest, and are also known as triplets.

So lets put this theory into practice. Suppose you had one hour to exercise in the entire week. Lets split that one hour per week into four sessions per week. This means that each session can not last more than 15 minutes. Here is a using supersets and trisets:


Perform as Superset:
Hindu Pushups 3×10
Bodyweight Squats 3×20

Perform as Triset:
Kettlebell Swings 2×10
Kettlebell Front Squat 2×10
Push Press 2×10


Perform as Superset:
Burpees 3×10
Pullups 3×5

Perform as Triset:
Kettlebell Push Press 2×10
Kettlebell Windmill 2×10
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 2×10

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