Mad Scientist Muscle is the latest training manual from Nick Nilsson. He had a lot of new and interesting training methods in this manual. The three main techniques he uses in the program are Time/Volume Training, Cluster Training, and Rest-Pause Training.


Lets take a look at some pros and cons of this program:

PRO: Uses a Variety of Different Training Methods

Some people just go into the gym and lift heavy. Others follow extremely high volume programs. But the bottom line is that most people stick to the same kind of program and never switch it up. Nick Nillson, on the other hand, beleives in drastic changes.

Each training technique is different then the one before, so you never give your body a chance to adapt. The program itself is hard as nails, however, you will get such great results in a short period of time, that it’s worth the pain.

Con: Not for Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking for a muscle building program, you’re better of using Craig Ballantyne’s Muscleheads workouts. This program is not for beginners. You need to be training for at least 6 months to use it.

This is because the training strategies that Nick Nilsson recommends are quite painful (in terms of muscle soreness). So your body needs to be used to training at a super high intensity level. In addition, most beginners will not understand what Nick Nilsson wants you to do.

Pro: High Volume Training while Managing Fatigue and Intensity

When most people perform High Volume Training, they burn themselves out quickly. Nick Nilson’s training methods, specifically Time/Volume training, allow you to perform a high volume workout while managing fatigue.

Manage fatigue is important, because if your body is so tired that you’re unable to perform the movement correctly…you need to stop as it can lead to injury. But Nick Nilsson shows you how to modify the sets, reps, and rest periods in such a way that allows you to move more weight without getting tired quickly.

Con: Tough to Do it at Home

Because Nick Nilsson recommends a lot of weight changes during some of his training methods, such as Add Sets, some of the techniques are difficult to perform at home. It is more ideal to perform the entire workout at a gym.

That being said, Nick Nilsson has a full home gym, along with a power rack and lots of weight. Using a little creativity, it is POSSIBLE to perform the program at home. But once again, you need to think outside the box.


If you’re an advanced trainee that likes to experiment with their training, then Nick Nilsson’s program is perfect for you! If you train at home with bodyweight and Kettlebells, the way I do, many of his methods, such as Time/Volume and Cluster training you can easily implement in your training.

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