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Exercising for mass gain is completely different from exercising for fat loss. Or…is it? Well, for one thing, when people try and lose fat, they end up training for hours in the gym, doing all sort of complex rep set schemes and using isolation movements. Well, you don’t need to spend so much time in the gym!

In fact, you can build muscle in less than 45 minutes, 3-4 days per week! All of Craig Ballantyne’s workouts are short, intense, and will help you build lean muscle mass in no time. In fact, he just put together all his muscle building workouts into a package, known as the Turbulence Training for Meatheads.

I just had to find out more information about this program. So, I asked Craig a few questions about it:
Parth: You’ve written so many great fat loss programs, why devote an entire series to building muscle?

Craig Ballantyne: That’s the Meathead in me coming out. I train closer to the TT Meatheads program. Always have. Plus, these workouts are based on the programs I write for some of my long-term “Meathead” clients here in Toronto, and I want to share these successful programs with TT Meatheads all over the world.

Parth: What changes should one make in their training program for muscle mass?

Craig: The program has a slightly higher volume of lifting. We also eliminate intervals – as these do not boost muscle growth. We still stick to the basic exercises though. And we continue to use a variety of repetition ranges. But you’ll leave the gym with an even bigger muscle pump when using the TT Meathead workouts.

Parth: And in their Diets?

Craig: The number one change is to simply have more calories, but we still stick to whole, natural foods. You don’t really need much more protein. There are 3 times during the day that you might need to force calories into your body: Breakfast, pre-workout, and post-workout. In theory, those are important times to fuel your muscle growth. But the bottom line is to provide your body with enough calories to support muscle growth – and for most people that is done easily enough without any magic tricks.

Parth: So, no interval training during a muscle gaining cycle?

Craig: If muscle building is your number one goal, then NO, I don’t see the point of forcing interval training into your program. You need to recover, not force more training on your body.

Parth: Once again, thanks for your time Craig.

If your goal is to pack on maximum muscle while keeping your workouts short and sweet, then I suggest you grab the Meatheads Muscle Building series. Click here for more information.

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