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Contributor – Andy Peloquin – Home Fitness & Muscle Building Expert


Some people get lucky and are born with fit, toned bodies. Andy Peloquin is not one of those people…

Fitness has come hard for him, and he’s had to work for his fitness. His trials have led him to becoming a martial artist, a soon-to-be-certified fitness trainer, and a man passionate about exercise, diet, and healthy living! He loves to exercise – does so 6 days a week – and loves to share his passion for fitness and health with others.

Andy writes for The Daily Hitt, Health Ambition, FitDay, and numerous other publications. Have a fitness question for him? Reach out to him on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter.

Contributor – Sarah Hansen – Female Fat Loss & Endurance Sports Expert

Sarah HansenSarah Hansen is a corporate-sales professional turned writer and triathlete. She left the cubicle for the great outdoors, and never looked back. After swimming and running her way on teams in high school and college, she’s embraced biking to complete her endurance trio. Sarah is now a certified coach with USATF and NFHS. After completing a marathon and numerous triathlons, her focus has turned to even higher fitness pursuits. Follow her journey to her first Ironman Triathlon and get all of Sarah’s fitness tips at

Have a fitness question for Sarah? Reach out to her on InstagramPinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

Contributor – Mike Samuels – Strength Sports & Nutrition Expert

Mike is a diet coach and trainer from Southampton, UK. He’s a firm proponent of flexible dieting and training hard and heavy. Check out his blog: Healthy Living Healthy Lifting.

Have a fitness question for Mike? Reach out to him on Facebook.

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