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The Shah Training Members Section is a PAID community designed to help super busy folk get into incredible shape with limited equipment. Shah Training Premium Members get support, motivation and inspiration to be consistent, as well as more information on how to lose fat, gain muscle, and achieve all their fitness goals at home. Membership benefits include:

  1. Monthly Workout
  2. Premium Content
  3. Members-Only Community
In addition, you will receive IMMEDIATE access to Superior Dumbbell Workout, and Workout Without Weights, 2 of our most popular training guides. You will also get access to our Nutrition Crash Course, designed to help you eat right and recover properly as you use our intense programs!

The Shah Training Members Section is NOT for trolls, spammers and bullies. This private Premium Member-only club is for those who want 24/7 support from Members of all kinds of backgrounds, bodytypes and ages… Members who are training the same way you do, who have been where you are, who will inspire, motivate and help you.

We have not yet opened up the members section. To stay up to date of when the section will open up, please enter your first name and best email address below, and then click the button “Join The Early Bird List”.

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