Nutritional Steps to Take when you Hit a Fat Loss Plateau

Each and everyone of us will hit a in our at one or another. Our were programmed for , and so when we throw something unexpected at it, for example a caloric reduction, then our bodies think that we’re headed for disaster and takes the necessary to save our life. When our bodies are in a severely calorie restricted state for prolonged periods, it beleives that there is some sort of danger. Perhaps there is some sort of famine going through, or we are stuck in some castle under siege. Naturally, these situations will not arise in our modern day world, but this is the way that our bodies are meant to respond to threats. So, lets say that our body believes that we will not be getting any for quite some time. It automatically starts taking the necessary steps to save you, including reducing your metabolic rate, storing for future use, and potentially breaking down .

What do you do?

I have learned that after two weeks without losing any , if i go away for the weekend and eat anything that my friends are eating, I find myself at a lower weight when I come back. How come? Well, simply because now you have food and your body realizes that you are no longer under threat. This simple act of loosening up on your diet for one weekend out of a month will help you jump start your fat loss.

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2 Comments on “Nutritional Steps to Take when you Hit a Fat Loss Plateau”

  1. I have noticed a very similar thing. Even just one cheat meal will often put me at a slightly lower weight the night before. Until I began tacking it that closely I was baffled by the body builders who would talk about surprising the body to get it to respond, but that sure seems to be right.
    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. No problem man. The same thing happened to me. I was getting extremely frustrated when I would follow all the rules of dieting, eating clean, and gradually cutting my calories, but I was going no where. It was just during one weekend where I met up with my cousin, and he sort of “forced’ me to eat that I realized what the problem was.

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