Old Man Workout Finisher

A few days back, I presented to you guys a great Kettlebell you can use at the end of your workouts. This finisher is great for people who are already a little athletic, but what about those are a little older and not so athletic?When designing a finisher, the focus should be on including movements that train mobility, not just fat loss. So what kind of movements do we use?

1 – Plank

The plank is probably the best movement for someone lacking mobility. It is the simplest movement imaginable. All you do is suspend your body in a straight line, with just your forearms and toes on the ground. Work up to a 2 minute plank before attempting tougher abdominal exercises.

2 – Stability Ball

The is a great tool to help improve your core strength and increase mobility. My favorite is the simple stability ball . Lay down with your back to the floor, and your heel on the edge of the ball. Now pull the ball in close to you, feeling the tension in your .

3 – squat

The has great carry over to all aspects of life. If you can not perform a full squat, then you can perform the chair squat version. Even if you are doing in your actual workout, it doesn’t hurt to including as part of your finisher.

The following is a great sample finisher workout you can do which also works on your mobility:

3 rounds of:

  • Plank – Max hold
  • Stability Ball Leg Curl x 15 reps
  • Bodyweigt Squat x 15 reps

Simple, but works. If you’re looking for some great, hardcore finishers to perform at the end of the workout, then I recommend starting with one of the 40 presented in Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers. Click here to learn more!