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What I am about to tell you will put every personal trainer, muscle , and supplement company out of business. There is no one on this planet that knows how to perform an exercise right, nor do they know what is the best, and they certainly do not know which eating plan will eradicate obesity forever. At this point, I’m sure some of you have an idea of what I’m about to say, but most are completely confused.

What I am saying is that there really is no perfect routine, exercise form or diet. Everything is an improvement, and the only way that you become better is by doing. And so the principle that I want to throw at you guys is:



I want you to copy and paste those words onto a word document, blow it up, print out multiple copies and paste it all over your house. No, SERIOUSLY!

The only way you learn and achieve is through action. Each time that we perform a task, we have an opportunity to examine the task with the goal of performing that task better than last time. Better means with greater efficiency and with greater effectiveness.

This concept is very difficult to grasp unless you go out into the field and actually get moving. Just as a scientist needs to perform after experiment after experiment, you need to keep practicing, keep , and keep learning from your own trials and tribulations in the gym.

And so as we move on as trainees, we will start seeing patterns and insights. But these insights can only be realized if we:

  1. write everything down
  2. be open to others opinions regarding our training
  3. practically analyze our goals and progress and fix our the best way that we can

One way that I identify my own weaknesses is to videotape as many of my workouts as I can. I have seen things that I did not like. But instead of ignoring them, my goal is to improve upon them.

I want the typical gym goer to put these words into use. I will be giving you three exercises to perform in the gym. Your job is to research and learn these movements on your own, program them into your regular training, and then develop your own system of self prescription, where you perform, observe, analyze, and apply with the goal of greater efficiency and effectiveness of the movement(s) you are performing. You may be surprised as to what you come up with.

Here are the three movements:
1. Turkish Get-up
2. Dumbbell Renegade Row
3. One-arm Dumbbell Snatch

Good luck on your journey!

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