You can now engage in intense exercise and training without having to feel excruciating muscle pains afterwards! With the advanced TACFIT programs, you can now easily accelerate your recovery even from intense workout and effort, preventing overtraining and diminishing the delayed muscle pain of extreme exertion. Plus, learn a wide variety of exercises using simple equipment and tools, such as rings, sandbags, pull up bars, straps, medicine balls, boxes and kettlebells.

If you are looking for an effective way to build functional muscle and lose fat without the need of complex machines and gym equipment, then our wide array of TACFIT programs is perfect for you. known as the W orld’s Smartest Workout, TACFIT training methods consists of impressive elements carefully investigated and integrated as a holistic system of human optimization. Every program, course, tool, course and TACFIT exercise has been designed to bring the best quality results in the shortest amount of time.

TACFIT is undoubtedly the ultimate fitness program of smart people who want to build lean muscles, lose fat and achieve the physique they want while quickly recovering quickly from intense exercise. With this program, you can now make your personal gym anywhere and exercise any time with minimal space.

This program develops and hits the 3 windows of your biochemistry, including the muscle-building window or anabolic, the fat-burning window and the energy-building window the metabolic.

Modify the programs to meet your fitness goal, obtain your conditioning goals no matter what your skill level is, make your training injury proof, accelerate your recovery from one session to another, so you can optimize your fitness.

Allow Scot Sonnon, the creator and developer of these home fitness products, to take your fitness training to the next level.

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