Ageless Mobility – TacFfit, Scott Sonnon

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These are some of the results received:
  • “Increased energy and vitality!”
  • “Illness and disease prevention by not taxing the immune system with neurological burden!”
  • “Feel great and alert without stimulants all day long!”
  • “Increased mobilization of adipose tissue (metabolizing fat)!”
  • “Greater quality rest from sleeping even shorter hours!”
  • “Increased connective tissue strength!”
  • “Decreased and even totally abolished pains and aches!”
  • “Increased joint lubrication for greater ease of movement and better shock absorption from any sudden impacts (like walking)!”
  • “Increased athletic career longevity!”
  • “Enhanced injury recovery time!”
  • “Restored lymphatic flow!”
  • “Smoothed off boney profiles to help abate osteoarthritis!”
  • “Restored synovial flow increasing joint health!”
  • “Restored ground substance flow to help abate osteoporosis!”
  • “Quickly discharged strong negative emotions!”
  • “Improved circulation!”
  • “Increased quality range of motion!”
  • “Decompressed joints and restored fluidity!”
  • “Decreased and even completely stopped all muscle soreness!”
  • “Discharged stress and converted distress into eustress!”
  • “Injury prevention, joint stability and mobile security!”
  • “Accelerated recovery rate from exercise, illness and injury!”
  • “Increased focus, concentration, awareneess and attentional stamina!”
  • “Enjoy physical activities without worry of “payback tomorrow”!”
  • “Decreased and even reversed accelerated aging!”
  • “Increased grace, poise, coordination and agility!”
  • “Reclaimed courage to try new and old activities!”
  • “Dramatically enhanced quality of life by removing pain!”
  • “Improved work efficiency with less distractions!”
  • “Play more, longer and without adverse consequences!”

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