Bodyweight Toughness

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Bodyweight Toughness combines bodyweight challenges and mental toughness training to make you unbreakable.

The 6-week bodyweight-only program features effective techniques to shock your muscles to new levels of fitness. Mental strength tips and tricks teach you to tap into your warrior spirit for domination in every aspect of your life.



What is Bodyweight Toughness?

After years of promoting other people’s workouts and content, I realized that the #1 thing holding people back from achieving their health and goals was not that they were not following the right , but that they were unable to stick through program.

This is when I invested time and energy into understanding the side of things: why we do what we do, and why don’t do what we’re supposed to do. isn’t just something certain people are born with and others aren’t, it’s something that can be developed.

The majority of people give up mentally way before their bodies wear out. I saw this first hand as I pushed people through tough workouts. There were some who were able to push quite far without me saying anything. Others needed to yelled at. They needed some mental stimulation and positive reinforcement.

Others just shut down mentally, and there was nothing you could do wake them back up. They needed to 1) understand that their problem was not physical but mental, and 2) that they could develop themselves mentally.

Bodyweight toughness was born…a marriage between the physical and the mental. The idea is very simple: use to break you physically and use mindset tools to build you up mentally.

Why is Mental Toughness Training Important?

If there is only one skill you learn in your life, learn mental toughness. This will get you through everything and anything – business setbacks, relationship problems, challenges, self-education, financial worries…everything!

I’m not trying to sell a magic pill here, but the idea if very logical: your brain is the center of all your bodily functions. Your thoughts determine your mood. Your value system determines how you react to certain events in your life.

It was previously thought that fitness was just something just a few people could do. You had to follow the of a bodybuilder in order to lose weight.

When average folk asked the “experts” how they could reduce their stomach, they were told to perform crunches, or eat less, or try this diet, or do a juice fast.

I once saw a family of obese individuals in a drug store discussing a diet pill. I later saw that same family walk into a fast food restaurant, holding the purchase of the diet pill in their hands.

Why was there such a disconnect!

This was a question that really rattled my bones. I couldn’t figure it out.

Over time, as I spoke with people, went through my own life experiences, and saw how well people reacted to motivational and mindset articles that I had written that I realized that we as a society are always looking for the EASY WAY.

The shortcut.

Clint Eastwood refers to our society as the p*ssy generation (sorry if that offends some people, maybe I just lost a good bunch of you now….). I partially agree with him. We DO live in a time where everyone is just looking for the easy way, the shortcut.

No more shortcut. No more easy way. It’s now time to develop some grit. Some mental toughness and unleash all that potential you’ve got bottled up inside of you!

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What you should NOT expect from this product:

Most sales pages will list out benefits.  I think the benefits are apparent: a stronger mind and body. That should be more than enough.

It’s important to go into what you SHOULDN’T expect from this eBook. I don’t want anyone to purchase this book with misconceptions and false expectations:

#1 – Don’t expect to be coddled..

Many trainers will make a statement like “it’s not your fault…” or “you’ve been lied to…”

It IS your fault, and the only person lying is the person telling you that it’s not your fault.

You are in control of your own health and fitness. It doesn’t matter where you were born, how you grew up, what your culture is, what your genetics are…etc. etc.

You are the one that decides whether or not you should workout, and you are the one that decides what you put into your mouth.

#2  – Don’t expect this to be the only workout you’ll ever need…

I’m sorry but this isn’t your “perfect” workout. No such workout exists. In fact, after every 4-6 weeks, you should be on a new program to even further.

Once you embark on this journey, it never ends. Think about this: if you went to work for only 4-6 weeks out of the year, what would your bank account look like?

You’d be broke!

So then, why in the world would you believe that after 4-6 weeks, you’re done? Nope, this is the beginning of your journey. Are you ready to get started?

#3 – All your problems won’t automatically go away…

Even if you develop yourself into the most mentally and physically strong specimen the world has ever seen…life still goes on, and problems still come…

What’s more important is how you deal with those problems. Mental toughness training can teach you how to push through when times get extremely tough.

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3 Types of People who should NOT purchase this product:

I have nothing against you. I’m just thinning out the herd. I’m not here trying to make massive sales or get super rich. If my product isn’t for you, then it isn’t for you. My goal is to find people who need my help, and your goal is to find products that can enhance your life.

So here we go:

#1 – People who believe they know everything

My first job was an internship, working under a millionaire who didn’t pay me a dime. In this age of $15 an hour minimum wage demands people don’t seem to get why you would ever want to work for free: to LEARN…to develop yourself so you can constantly become a better version of what you were the day before.

He gave me this piece of advice that took me years to begin to implement: Read 5 books, and you’ve got yourself a college class. Read 25 books and you’ve got a semester. Read 50 books and you’ve got a year of college. Read 200 books and you’ve got yourself 4 years of college.

This guy was a multimillionaire and didn’t even go to college! He practiced what he preached. I have yet to get to the 200 books mark, but he’s probably overlapped me at least half a dozen times…

I’ve read books that were on similar topics. Rarely have I ever put a book down without learning something new.

If you’re not coachable you don’t belong here.

#2 – People who have medical problems

Once again, nothing against you. I’m not a doctor. I can’t afford to take the risk of someone going through my program with a heart condition or some other issues that would put them at further risk.

You really need to contact someone who can help you. Perhaps a personal trainer, or a physician who can recommend some exercise options. Even though technically, when you hit the purchase button, you also agree to the disclaimer that you are embarking on this program at your own risk…I would rather not have you take that chance.

I am here to improve people’s lives, not hurt them.

#3 -People who want to look like a fitness model

If you’re looking to get bulging biceps or six pack abs, go somewhere else. Not that you can not potentially achieve these two goals, it’s just that this is not the purpose of the program.

The purpose of the program is to deal with the needs of a busy individual who is looking to learn how to commit to a program, improve their mental and physical strength, and put in the time for self-improvement.

If this isn’t you, then thank you for reading this far, but I do not want you to purchase something you will later regret.

Are you serious about mental and physical transformation?

This is the ultimate, 2-in-1 not your ordinary fitness program designed to help you accomplish ANYTHING in your life. Today is the day to end your excuses and smash through training plateaus. Unleash your best and get started with Toughness today!

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