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Clients love bootcamp exercise routines. If you’re a personal trainer, who is planning to start a bootcamp class, or is currently hosting a bootcamp class, then you need to listen to Caroline Fitzgerald. Caroline runs a successful bootcamp business out of Kennebunk, Maine. In fact, many of her clients have stayed with her for over 2 years!


Why such a great retention rate? It’s because she seems to have an endless supply of unique to challenge your clients. People stop or switch to something different if they are no longer challenged. So, as a trainer it is absolutely crucial for you to come up with new workouts. However, sometimes trainers just get too busy and caught up with the business side of things to pay attention to the needs of their clients.

That’s where Caroline Fitzgerald’s manual comes in. is literally a boot camp coach’s bible! Lets have a chat with Caroline to discover what’s so special about her workouts:

Parth: Coach Fitzgerald, can you tell my readers about your workouts?

Caroline Fitzgerald: First and foremost, they are fun. Fun in a warped way, perhaps, but fun! Unlike most boot camp workouts out there, the 50 plus workouts in the Best Boot Camp Workouts program are all based around “formats”. That means they all have a point; they are not just strung together for no apparent reason. There is a goal, a focus to each , which gives clients something to think about besides how hard the workout it. This element of “interest” makes the workouts more engaging and therefore more fun!

The workouts in the program are all full-body, interval-based “strength-cardio” workouts, which means they are done so they become cardio events after the first few reps. There is no equipment needed for these super- effective workouts, just your bodyweight. And there is no mind-numbing “2-1-2” cadence either.

Parth: Nice, sometimes I just get annoyed by that tempo stuff. Alright, so bootcamp instructors need to deal with a variety of different clients. Can you give me an example of how an instructor would modify a workout for someone, lets say, who is unable to do proper pushups, squats, and pullups?

Caroline Fitzgerald: There is so much to that that it is hard to get into here, Parth. Pretty much everything is modify-able, and all trainers should already know how to modify things for their clients.

Parth: How would you modify a for someone who has an injury? For example, a shoulder injury?

Caroline Fitzgerald: That?s a tough one to answer because it depends on the specific injury and, really, the personality of the client. Many are unhappy having to modify exercises…they don?t want to stand out as “the injured one”. And some injuries require that you just avoid that body part. My classes are 99% , I have incorporated bands for a client with a shoulder injury. It worked, but she was doing something quite different from the rest of the class.

Parth: True. So in your experience, is it possible to train individuals with varying within one session?

Caroline Fitzgerald: Absolutely! And I think being able to do that is crucial for the success of a boot camp because, a. it is more fun for everyone and b. you are not limiting yourself (financially or intellectually) to working with just one type of .

Boot camps that are suitable for all fitness levels build tremendous camaraderie, which adds to the fun. This in turn, increases class sizes and improves retention. All the workout formats in the Best Boot Camp Workouts program are set up to accommodate all fitness levels.

Gym classes rarely allow for mixed fitness levels, but in a boot camp setting it is  not only do-able, it really is a huge selling point.  For example, I?ve got husbands and wives of vastly different fitness levels working out together for the first time…they are both getting great workouts and having a ball bonding in this new way!

You really can?t have a successful boot camp if you say, “now everyone do 20 pushups” because not everyone can do that and you will have campers who
have to wait on others and the less fit campers will feel badly for being slow. It?s a bad set up. But if the workout is set up so everyone does as many pushups, or whatever, in 20 seconds, or whatever, then that gives everyone their own challenge and encourages feelings of success. Another way to set up a class is that they do have to do a certain rep number, but at their own pace. And of course you need to make sure you do give everyone the exercise mofications they need. You want to do whatever you can to encourage all fitness levels.

4 – With individual clients, you can gradually increase the intensity level as the client progresses. How does this work in a group setting?

Caroline Fitzgerald: When you are using your bodyweight, the reality is, it never gets any easier, you just go faster. So when the workouts are bodyweight-based and time-based, it is always going to be challenging. Newbies will just be doing fewer reps in the given time. And when you do workouts with a specific rep number, it?s easy enough to give the newbies a lower number, or the more fit a higher number.

Parth: Tell us more about your workout templates. Any cool or partner workouts you’d like to share?

Caroline Fitzgerald: We do so many fun partner and team workout formats, and they are all interval- based. Favorites include Partner Ladders, Team Races, Exercise “Ladders” and so many more, it?s hard to choose!

One your readers might enjoy is Building Block Intervals. Pick 4 complementary, full-body exercises and perform them as follows:

  • 15 seconds of Exercise #1
  • 30 seconds Rest
  • 15 seconds Ex. # 1
  • 30 secs. Ex. #2
  • 30 Seconds Rest
  • 15 seconds Ex. # 1
  • 30 secs. Ex. #2
  • 45 secs. Ex. #3
  • 30 secs. Rest
  • 15 seconds Ex. # 1
  • 30 secs. Ex. #2
  • 45 secs. Ex. #3
  • 60 secs. Ex. #4
  • 30 secs. Rest

That?s a 6.5 minute mini-workout.

The added challenge is to keep a count of reps performed for each exercise and then repeat the sequence trying to beat or at least maintain the rep count. There are loads of ways to mix this up, using stationary exercises like Burpees and Dolphins, or by using travel exercises like Moglies, Gorillas and grapevines and such. The combinations are limitless.

Your readers can also get two free workout formats when they visit the site.

Parth: A 6.5 minute workout! Nice! Any last piece of advice you’d like to give to my readers?

Caroline Fitzgerald: The key to a successful boot camp business is offering constantly changing, always creative, always challenging, camaraderie-building workouts. That?s why I put together the Best Boot Camp Workouts program; to offer boot camp coaches an almost endless supply of workouts that will make their camps stand out and  give them an unbelievable retention rate…both of which mean major success!

Parth: Great, thanks for your time Coach!

Caroline Fitzgerald: Thanks, Parth!