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There are a lot of questions I had regarding . Of course, I have no experience with female (since I’m a guy), but both men and women email me with their questions. It helps I know my stuff. But, it helps if I can ask these same questions to some one who REALLY know his stuff: Craig Ballantyne. Craig’s like the guru I’ve never had. I’ve learned so much from his workouts, articles, and interviews.

Now we’re all about to learn more about fat loss for women:

Parth Shah: Craig, fat loss for women is notoriously slow. Any specific reasons why?

Craig Ballantyne:

Great question, and there are several factors that make things tougher for women.

First, yes, we can blame genetics. Women are genetically “gifted” with the ability to hang on to fat longer because of their reproductive system and physiology.

Women have a much higher level of essential fat (13% compared to a man’s 3%). That’s why a woman will have a really hard time getting lower than 15% fat.

That said, women can have nice lean abs at 16% fat while a guy will NOT have lean abs at 16% fat. And that’s due to the way that men and women store fat.

A woman at 16% fat can have abs, but she’ll store more fat on her butt and thighs. A guy will have lean legs at 16% fat, but naturally stores more fat over his belly, love handles, and lower back.

So each gender has it’s own genetic benefits and obstacles.

In addition to genetics, woman tend to have less muscle mass, and therefore burn fewer calories at rest and during exercise. Plus, if you don’t have muscle, you tend to not have “the curves in the right spots”. So that’s another reason why is so important.

However, I want to leave you with one more BRIGHT spot for women. In my experience, most women tend to use long, slow, cardio style programs, and these result in very, very, very slow fat loss (as research has shown).

But when women switch to resistance training and , and bump up the intensity of their workouts, they often have really fast results at first. So that’s some good news for women everywhere.

Parth Shah: Wow, abs at 16% bodyfat? That’s incredible! Ok, so even if women switch to intervals and resistance training, it’s tough to stick to a program. What can women do to stick to their regimens despite a busy schedule?

Craig Ballantyne: I recently read a great book called, “Switch”, that will help everyone make changes in their lives.

Here are 5 of the most important tips for helping you make the right changes to your diet and workout programs, and to STICK with them over time.

Tip #1 – Focus on small changes and goals

“One day at a time” is the mantra of the Alcoholics Anonymous, and it’s a good place for all of us to start when trying to make changes.

Now yes, it’s important to have long-term goals, but saying you want to lose 30 pounds in 3 months can be daunting, and so far-forward that it’s easy to overlook the small everyday changes you have to stick to.

Make small weekly and daily goals that you know you can stick to, because as you’re about to learn, getting early successes leads to long-term results.

Create a checklist of daily activities that help you and make sure that you cross off each activity each day. That will help you become consistent and move you forward to results every day.

Tip #2 – Get off to a fast start for a quick win

When you are ready to start a , make sure that your first week is planned out for maximum results. Have your meals planned, your workouts scheduled, and plan a solution for every obstacle that could get in your way.

Research shows that losing fat fast leads to long term success and commitment. So follow the lead of the Biggest Loser contestants, and make your first week one of your best weeks.

The more “wins” and successes you can achieve, the more you will get the “success snowball” rolling and you will build your confidence and belief in yourself.

Tip #3 – Change Your Environment

Everyone has something in their home or at work that causes them to get off track. For me, it’s chocolate, so I keep it out of the house. What is it for you? List all of the things in your environment that make it easy for you to fall off track, and then remove as many of them as possible.

Tip #4 – Get Social Support

Research proves that in-person and online social support help women lose fat faster and stick to their programs. The more times you visit a fat loss forum, the more success you will have. And one of the bonuses of getting and the TT Bootyprogram is free access to the TT member’s forum where they are hundreds of members waiting to support you with the positive encouragement you might not get at home or at work.

Tip #5 – Set a deadline

Set a deadline to achieve your longer term goals. Nothing makes people take action like a deadline. So once you have your short-term checklist in place that is making you take the right actions on a daily basis, you are ready to plan for the future. You need to have that “one day at a time” mentality in place, but you also need a big goal so you can shoot for the stars. Plan out a deadline for 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week success levels. If you have a big day on the calendar, such as a wedding, use that as your deadline.

Parth Shah: Lots of great tips there! Now, you have a program for women called the TT Booty 4 Wife workout. I notice you have a lot more circuits in the workouts. Any particular reason why?

Craig Ballantyne: Circuit training is an excellent way of shortening a workout and helping womenget more and booty building results in less time. That said, supersets are also excellent for that, but supersets are better used for programs that focus on and strength. So I’ve inserted more because women tend to have less focus on building muscle. For guys, I would use a lot more supersets, and even straight sets for maximal strength.

Parth Shah: Good point. I definitely see greater muscle mass using supersets. Ok, so any cool new moves in the TT Booty 4 Wife workout?

Craig Ballantyne: I’ve updated the original program with some booty-building exercises, including:

  • Lateral Lunges
  • 1-Leg Bodyweight Deadlifts
  • Dumbbell Lunges
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Dumbbell Deep Step Ups
  • 1-Leg Bodyweight Bench Squats

Parth Shah: If you had to some up your fat loss strategy for women. What would it be?

Craig Ballantyne: Dump the long, slow, boring cardio and switch over to interval training and resistance training. Research proves that interval training is more effective than long, slow cardio and takes about half the time – or less. Plus, resistance training is required to help you put the curves in all the right spots on your body.

That’s why Turbulence Training – the perfect combination of resistance training and interval training – is guaranteed to help women build a booty for life.