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[quote]Get good at everything. EVERYTHING.[/quote]


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  • BossFit is a Training Guide.
  • It‘s a fully periodized approach to getting ridiculously good at a competitive sport that might require a variety of athletic demands. Hypothetically.
  • It’s a blueprint for the entire strength and energy system continuum.
  • It’s highly organized and meticulously researched.
  • It’s tough as balls.


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CSCS…CISSN…ACE…impressive creds for trainer. But what really sets Rob Sulaver apart are these creds:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Advisory Board
  • Top 20 Experts Worth Following – The Huffington Post
  • Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America – Shape Magazine
  • Technical Advisor – Muscle & Fitness
  • Technical Advisor – Men’s Fitness
  • Top 60 Must Follow Health and Fitness Experts – The Greatest
  • On Camera Fitness Expert – Seventeen Magazine
  • Certified Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition
  • Poliquin International Certification – Level I, II, III Coach
  • Olympic Lifting Certification – Pierre Roy
  • Athletes’ Performance Custom Mentorship
  • Certified Power Plate Instructor
  • Certified Kettle Bell Instructor – Kettle Bell Concepts

Now…you may scratching your head…all that stuff is great but…what do you DO with all those creds?

What you do is create the biggest…baddest…most intense ever seen on the face of the planet, and call it..what else?


I caught up with Bossfit creator Rob Sulaver to see if he would shed some light on his awesome creation:

Parth: Rob, in nutshell, what is Bossfit?

Rob: Bossfit is a Guide. It’s a 5 month plan to get you , fast, and powerful.

Parth: Sweet, I see a key aspect of the program is periodization. What is periodization, and how does it help you become a better athlete?

Rob: Periodization is a fancy word for approaching your training with a systematic plan. It starts with an end goal in mind – in this case, being awesome at the entire strength and energy system continuum – and works backwards from there. It asks, “If I have 5 months to get really good at a lot of different kinds of , what is the my best approach?”

Parth: Interest, well Bossfit looks very similar to Crossfit. Is it?

Rob: GOD NO. Our approach is VERY different. CrossFit fully embraces the concept of “constantly varied.” BossFit believes that constant variety appeals to our diminishing attention span but it does not provide a strong enough to the body to maximize its growth.

Parth: I see, so what do you do after the 5 months?

Rob: You continue on with a new program, a new plan, in your never ending pursuit of awesomeness.

Parth: Seems like you need a lot of different kind of equipment for Bossfit. What if you don’t have access to all the equipment required?

Rob: A lot of thought was placed into making BossFit accessible so it’s all traditional gym equipment: DB’s, BB’s, KB’s, standard machines (like a and a cable column), med balls, row machine, stationary bike, etc. We do have some sledge hammer work in Phase 4, but if you don’t have access to a sledge, you can easily replace with a cable chop (not as awesome, but a solid substitution.) The same holds true for all of the exercises…simple that mimic the same movement pattern will do the trick.

Parth: Sounds good, any final words you’d like to say to my readers?

Rob: BossFit is tough as balls, but if you love exercise and you love getting awesome at stuff, you GOTTA check it out.

Sweet! I’m excited about Bossfit. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a program in the fitness world. If you think you’ve got what it takes to survive Bossfit, check it outhere!