Diet Free Weekends

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  • You’ll stop your body’s dependence on burning your muscle, which is common with other diets. Because you’re “refeeding” your body longer, your body will adapt by choosing fat over muscle to burn.
  • You know that leaner, slimmer look you desire? This happens when you burn fat, NOT muscle.
  • Eat a Belgian waffle along with sausage, yet watch your waistline shrink week after week and having the abs of an athlete thanks to a cranked metabolism.

Eat Whatever You Want for 3 Days, While Resetting Your Metabolism to
Burn Fat Faster

  • You can eat whatever you want on your weekends (for most, that will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and STILL burn fat thanks to a metabolism makeover. It’s like a hall pass for diet freedom.
  • Take your kids out for ice cream and actually join them, creating memories while watching your belly shrink.
  • Add fuel to your metabolism for 72 hours instead of 20 minutes like other diets

End Binge Eating and Uncontrollable Cravings

  • Most other diets only allow a cheat day or cheat meal, which turns into a binge on boxes of cookies or so much Chinese food you end up feeling miserable. This is all so you can “get it all in while you can”.
  • With Diet Free Weekends, you can enjoy a tall hot fudge sundae and know that you’re just a few hours away from indulging in your favorite chicken fettuccine for dinner.

Triple Your Productivity and Boost Your Energy Naturally

  • Thanks to a cranked metabolism and not having to rely on willpower, you’ll find yourself getting the house clean, paying your bills, and taking the kids to school and it’s only 8:30 AM.
  • Imagine having the energy to play with your kids or even going out more often thanks to feeling 20 years younger
  • Discover a simple trick you can do in the mornings to double your energy, too (and yes, this trick is FREE).

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