Female Fat Loss Over 40

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This Is The Secret To A Flat Stomach Forever!

Now listen closely here, because this is really important..

The most crucial factor to just how fast or slow your metabolism acts is how much lean muscle tissue you have.

This is why people with more muscle tissue burn more calories and body-fat all day long, while people with less muscle tissue burn calories and body-fat at such a slow rate!

But There’s One Big Problem..

Now here’s where it gets tricky: When you’re in your 30’s, your body slowly starts to add more body-fat and get rid of your lean muscle tissue, without you even knowing about it.

So by the time you hit 40, you’re already carrying more body-fat and less lean muscle tissue and we know what that means…a slowing metabolism!

Crazy, right? It’s like your body is trying to fight against you!

It doesn’t have to be this way though (I’ll show you why in just a second..).

With this knowledge in hand, it’s pretty obvious to say that we should just add more lean muscle tissue to our bodies, which would increase our metabolism and we’d be burning body-fat off faster than you can say “Charlie Sheen!”.

And while it’s true, there’s always been one obvious thing holding us back from adding all that muscle:

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