Half Day Diet

$70.00 $19.00

Regular “Low Carb” Plans Slow Your Metabolism,
Wreck Your Hormones, Kill Your Sex Drive & Put You
At Risk Of Rebound Weight Gain

What you’re about to experience using this “half day” System…

  • You will enjoy eating yummy carbs every day in order to burn more fat.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, you will optimize your fat-burning hormones.
  • You’ll experience all the benefits of a 24-hour low carb diet without being low carb.
  • You will sleep better. Carbs at night trigger serotonin release which makes you feel good and lets you sleep like a baby…
  • You will escape your “Carb-Loop” cravings and enjoyably lose all the weight you want without the hunger, brain fog, or low energy suffered by most “dieters”…
  • You will lose more weight and trim more inches from your waist than other folks who are eating the sameamount of carbs and calories!

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