Kettlebell Revolution


Craig Ballantyne teams up with Christ Lopez to bring you the most intense, well-designed Kettlebell workouts to hit the market. This huge package takes you from beginner level to advanced level with the focus on sculpting the body of your dreams!

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The Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System is a training program developed by Turbulence Training Author Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training Certified Trainer Chris Lopez. Out of all the Kettlebell Fat Loss systems out there, Chris Lopez’s system is the only one that uses the famous Turbulence Training method of training.

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is the author of the fat loss system and has been published in top fitness publications such as Mens Health, Mens Fitness, and Oxygen. His top selling Turbulence Training system has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world lose fat fast in the comfort of their own homes.

Who is Chris Lopez?

Chris Lopez is a certified Turbulence Training instructor and the author of the for Fat Loss system. He has combined his own knowledge of with the Turbulence Training system to develop an incredible fat loss system proven to help you improve your body in the comfort of your own home

Lets review some of the pros and cons of this program:


  • You do not need to take an hour-long class or hire an expensive Kettlebell trainer. This system will show you how to perform each and every Kettlebell program safely and effectively. You’ll save lots of money while getting incredible workouts!
  • All you need is one Kettlebell. You may want to purchase more Kettlebells as you progress and get stronger, but you do not need to buy a full set of Kettlebells to make this program work for you.
  • The workouts last 15-20 minutes. So you’re not only saving money, but you’re also time. If you’re like me and have a busy lifestyle, than these workouts are invaluable!
  • This system is backed by the trust and support of famous home fitness coach Craig Ballantyne. Chris Lopez isn’t just some random trainer trying to push another . Craig Ballantyne would not partner up with someone if he did not believe in the itself.


  • The only one drawback is that you will need to purchase a Kettlebell if you do not have one already. However, this is a small investment compared to all the expensive home gyms that are floating around. And honestly, a Kettlebell is 20 times more effective than a Dumbbell.




  • Workout at anytime and anywhere with your Kettlebell. Even if you’re going on a road trip, you can just put your Kettlebell in your trunk and workout at a random rest stop. Don’t worry, no one will stare. Even if they do, who cares! You’ll be in shape!
  • Kettlebell Revolution is based on the time-tested principles of Turbulence Training. Chris Lopez has used his unique blend of Turbulence Training to help his clients lose fat faster than any other trainer’s clients at the gym. In short, you know this system works.

The Number One Reason Why You should Purchase the Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System:

Out of all the benefits of this system, there’s really only one reason that I personally love the program – You can get a great workout and actually attain results with just a few minutes a day, 3 days a week! I love fast, intense workout, and Chris Lopez’s workouts are certainly fast and intense.

The Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System is ideal for…

  • Busy professionals who have very little time to workout
  • Busy moms who want to stay in shape despite a hectic schedule
  • Students have limited time, space, and money to workout
  • Average Joes who want to get in shape at home without going to the gym
  • Overweight individuals who are tired of boring workouts that don’t produce results

What You Get:

The basic package includes:

  • The Turbulence Training Training System Workouts
  • The Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution Quickstart Coaching Guide
  • The Kettlebell Workouts For Women Program

This $203 value is yours for just $57!

But, there’s another, bigger package you can grab. The deluxe version has:

  • The Kettlebell Revolution Abdominal Exercises for 6-Pack abs & Flat Stomach
  • The Kettlebell Nutrition Guide and 7-Day Meal Plans
  • The Kettlebell Muscle Building Workouts
  • Turbulence Hotel Workouts
  • The Advanced Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout
  • Hybrid Kettlebell Training by Zach Evan-Esh
  • The 10-Minute Plan

This $692 value is yours for just $97!