Killer Karate Moves


Karate Made Easy The one strike that can be mastered quicker than any other Karate offensive move. And the best bit is — it can be used in three different ways to completely baffle your opponent!

Karate Made Easy A quick, decisive and effective attacking technique often used when you want to render your opponent temporarily helpless. Use this with CAUTION!

Karate Made Easy A swiftly delivered strike that’s especially effective on the forearm, neck and ribs. It can cause your opponent stinging, excruciating pain. And there’s nothing better to bring a smile to your face!

Karate Made Easy How to “kiss” your opponent with this blow. Be prepared to deliver it in a corkscrew motion—digging its way into the stomach, cheek or eyes!

Karate Made Easy Master one of the earliest striking methods in the art of Karate, dating back many centuries. Use this blow when attacking the ribs or blocking an opponent’s punch or thrust!

Karate Made Easy How to immobilize your opponent’s arms and hands. Learn two ways you can temporarily “paralyse” those vital organs and you’ll come out on top every time!

And Lot more……………

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