Paleo Sweets


Paleo Sweets is one of the latest cookbooks from author Nikki Young. The program is designed to satisfy the sweet tooth of those living the paleo lifestyle.

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Our society enjoys life in the extremes. With every new fad comes with it cult following. There is a often a dogmatic love attached to any new workout or diet method being hyped up as the best approach to achieving your goals.

I’m not stating that is a fad. It is certainly a tried and true approach to healthy. All I’m stating is that paleo, or any other diet plan for that matter, doesn’t have to involve an immense amount of suffering.

It is with this idea in mind that Nikki put together Paleo .

Nikki has already published two popular cookbooks: Simple Paleo Recipes and Paleo Eating for Modern People. These cookbooks included a few sweets including cakes and biscuits.

In Paleo Sweets, Nikki Young goes beyond simple cakes and biscuits. Keeping true to the principles of paleo, Nikki shows you how to bake great tasting sweets using nuts, seeds, fruits, honey, and spices.

Also included are paleo protein bar and the homemade dried fruit guide.


Pros of Paleo Sweets:

#1 – The cookbook helps eliminate the reliance on white refined flour, forbidden in the paleo .

#2 – Paleo is naturally low in sugar. Therefore, you can enjoy Nikki Young’s sweets without having to worry about consuming excessive sugar or calories.

#3 – No artificial sweeteners or processed carbs is always a good idea.

#4 – Paleo Sweets, due to their natural ingredients, tend to taste better then the . You won’t be able to stop at just one.

Cons of Paleo Sweets:

Sweets in general are a problem when consumed in excess. Desserts are to be eaten sparingly. Using the Paleo Sweets recipes does not give you the free pass to binge.

Who should purchase Paleo Sweets?

paleo-sweets-cover If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Paleo Sweets now:

  • You want to indulge in some desserts after a long week and paleo eating.
  • You enjoy baking and are looking for recipes that are in line with your paleo lifestyle.
  • You feel that your current paleo plan is too rigid you need to switch things up a bit.
  • You suffer from extreme and hunger pangs due to a recent switch to the paleo lifestyle.
  • You’ve been struggling to come up with great tasting paleo recipes.