Shoulder Flexibility Solution

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The Shoulder Flexibility Solution is one of the latest programs from Mixed Martial Arts coach Eric Wong. The program is designed to assist both athletes and non-athletes improve their shoulder mobility for both sport and life purposes.

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Most of us use static stretching in our warmups. Static stretching is when you stretch a and hold it for a period of time. According to Eric Wong, there are numerous drawbacks to static stretching:

  • Offer only a temporary solution
  • Potentially damage connective tissue
  • Don’t improve range of motion

Eric’s is the 3D Flexibility System, which includes:

  • Soft tissue – Muscle, Fascia, and Joint Capsule
  • Neuromuscular – Control, Reflexes, and Pain Tolerance
  • Strength – Joint Stabilizer, Core, and Prime Mover

Eric Wong’s entire works through a 6-phase process:

  • First step – mobilize your joints, including the fibrous connective tissue surrounding your knee, to promote better flexibility.
  • Second step – addresses problems involving connecting tissues that have become fibrous and dense, which prevent the circulation of blood and nutrients that would promote proper healing and growth.
  • Third step – focuses on stopping the activation of that shouldn’t be in use in order to ease muscle tightness.
  • Fourth step – help you strengthen the muscles in order to maintain their length and promote greater flexibility.
  • Fifth step – focuses on stabilizing the muscles involved in joint movement.
  • Sixth step – make sure the flexibility you gained in the previous steps is hard-wired into your muscular and nervous systems.

Also included in the Shoulder Flexibility solution are 6 programs which come in PDF and video formats:

  • Routine #1 – Helps you release tight muscles
  • Routine #2 – Will solve forward head posture
  • Routine #3 – Increases reach and flexibility in your thoracic spine, core muscles, and shoulders
  • Routine #4 – Fixes round to prevent spinal disc changes, upper , and breathing issues.
  • Routine #5 – Helps you fix abnormal projection of shoulder blades
  • Routine #6 – Done before your as part of warmup

Also included is an implementation guide to help evaluate the status of your shoulder flexibility. Based on this guide, you decide where to start and which routine is most beneficial to you.


Pros of Shoulder Flexibility Solution:

#1 – The program is written in simple language and easy to follow. Eric Wong’s videos are clear and to the point.

#2 – The program does not recommend any supplements or any equipment. You can cure any postural issues just by following Eric’s .

#3 – The purpose is to improve shoulder flexibility which will have tremendous carry over into your work and sports life.

#4 – Reduce shoulder, neck, and back pain using the routines recommended by Eric Wong.

Cons of Shoulder Flexibility Solution:

I would say, the biggest drawback is that this is program is not available in print. It is a completely online program with PDF manuals and online videos.

Who should use Shoulder Flexibility Solution?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Shoulder Flexibility Solution now:

  • You want to a more effective warm-up plan for .
  • You’re super busy and need to find a better way to release your shoulder.
  • You feel that your current stretching plan is not working for you.
  • You suffer pain in your neck, upper back, and shoulders.
  • You’ve been struggling to relieve pain for years.