The Perfect Fat Burn Diet For Superhuman Weight Loss


MYTH: Fitness “experts” (including many overweight doctors) will tell you over and over again that cardio exercise is a proven way to quickly get rid of that stubborn body fat.

FACT: Real science[5] says: Once you reach that desired state of super-high fat burn, every hour of cardio exercise will destroy 110+ grams of your lean body mass.

This happens because once you’re in a state of high fat burn, cardio exercise only forces your body to start burning away the so-called “structural protein”, the very basic building blocks of your lean body mass[6].

So, instead of helping you burn away more body fat, that long, slow, and boring cardio literally destroys your muscle mass and vital organs (like your heart, for example).

But it gets worse…

In one study[7], cardio exercise made people so hungry, that they ended up eating 100 more calories than they burned off with cardio. There’s no point in spending hours upon hours running, pedaling, or walking, only to end up stuffing your face with fattening junk after a cardio workout that skyrockets your hunger and cravings.

So stop with the cardio insanity. Use The PFB Diet to get rid of that ugly body fat as fast as humanly possible without ANY dangerous cardio.

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