TT Bootcamp 2.0


TT Bootcamp 2.0 is the premiere guide to starting and sustaining a bootcamp business. This isn’t just a package of workouts, but instead a complete marketing system put together by world-class trainer Craig Ballantyne.

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I’m here with and we’re going to be talking about his brand new TT Bootcamp 2.0 program, and his Simple Nutrition Guide.

Parth: Hey Craig, glad to have you back. Tell us a little about the TT Bootcamp 2.0 program.

Craig Ballantyne:

The 31 new (TT Bootcamps 2.0) is a follow up to my first  . The workouts are not just for trainers, as they can be used by anyone who wants to lose fat and get lean with performend in a bootcamp workout style.

Of course, if you are a trainer, the workouts give you a set of 31 unique bootcamp workouts and challenges that you can use in your high-energy sessions. This takes the stress off you when you need to come up with a new program in a hurry.

Parth: So suppose someone is looking into joining a bootcamp, or if a trainer is deciding whether or not start a bootcamp program, what are the benefits of training in a group setting?

Craig Ballantyne:

Nothing beats social support. If you are trying to lose weight on your own, it’s tough. Really tough. And a lot of people quit before they reach their goals.

But in a bootcamp, you’ll train with other people just like you who want the same results. And research shows that training with someone who is achieving the same goals you want to achieve will give you a better chance of success. That’s powerful!

The second most important factor is daily motivation. If you train by yourself, you’ll have days where you decide to skip your workout, or give it the least amount of effort. But when you train in a high-energy bootcamp with your friends and a really awesome trainer using the TT bootcamp workouts, you’ll forget how tired you are immediately, and you’ll have an awesome workout.

Accountability is the 3rd most important factor. When you train in a group, you don’t want to let other people down. So you won’t skip your workout. Those 3 factors combine together to make bootcamps a great place to train.

Parth: You come up with some incredible workouts. Is there a particular structure you follow when coming up with these workouts?

Craig Ballantyne:

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if I’m training bootcampers or training my “meathead” clients, there is a specific TT system that I follow. Of course, I modify the exercises, intensity, and some “secret sauce” details in order to create the right program for each client.

First, we always start off with a bodyweight warmup. This prepares the body better than a 5 minute walk on the treadmill.

Then we move into , even in a bootcamp setting. A meathead might use traditional heavy lifts, but in a bootcamp, we’ll use the hardest pushup and single that a client can do.

We might use higher reps than normal (if we don’t have any equipment), but we always work the highest strength intensity here.

In the middle of our workout, we move to moderate repetition, moderate intensity supersets or circuits – as you’ll see with the circuits in the Bootcamp programs. This is where we use my “Big 5 System” or the Depletion circuits.

Next up is a short ab circuit. We don’t need to spend more than 5-10 minutes on abs – even if users want six pack abs. The right exercises pack an excellent “punch” for your abs. So forget about doing hundreds and hundreds of crunches.

After abs, we’ll finish with or conditioning circuits. This might mean timed bodyweight exercises, shuttle sprints, or even a repetition challenge (like a Bootcamp Bodyweight 200). We might even use our bootcamp “fun’n’games” options here.

Parth: Ok, so if someone is bootcamping at home, what’s the best way to train your back outdoors, without equipment?

Craig Ballantyne:

Good question, and that’s tough. With absolutely no equipment, you are limited to only a few upper back mobility exercises like stick-ups, prone stickups, and prisoner squats.

However, if you have TRX straps or resistance bands, you can get set up to do . Another great option is having a single kettlebell or dumbbell for rows.

But without a bar to pull your body up to, it’s almost impossible.

Parth: You also have another product out: Simple Nutrition. Can you tell us a little about that?

Craig Ballantyne:

I try and keep nutrition as simple as possible.

Now to be honest, I believe a lot of nutrition approaches work. If you like 6 meals, that is fine. If you like high-protein, that is fine. But if neither of those work, you have to keep looking.

However, it’s impossible to argue that most people should be eating more fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. Make those the foundation of your diet, and then add meat and grains as you please, to round out your meals. Keep things as simple as possible with whole, natural foods.

Parth: Back to training – how would someone train differently with minimal equipment, when they’re trying to pack on muscle as opposed to losing fat?

Craig Ballantyne:

Another good question, and you simply have to train with the most difficultworkouts as possible. So you’ll need to advance to decline pushups and single leg squats. If possible, use dips, chinups, bodyweight rows, and pullups. It’s easier to build upper body muscle with bodyweight moves, but it is possible to gain without equipment.

Parth: TT workouts have gone through a lot of changes. Do the original TT workouts still work, or would you go back and revise them for changing times?

Craig Ballantyne:

They definitely still work. In fact, I’d put the original TT workouts up against any of the latest, and the results would still be phenomenal.

Over the years, what has changed the most isn’t the quality of the workouts -that’s been there since day 1 – but the complexity and personality of the programs has evolved.

People demand more interesting solutions to fat loss, based on all of the new workout styles and equipment out there. And so my programs had to keep evolving as well.

That said, the three areas where I’ve learned and changed the most are:

Ab training – I now use more and more ab stabilization exercises to help clients protect their back while getting a sexy stomach.

Bodyweight training – I continue to search out new exercises…I’m always learning new ways to train without equipment – because my readers demand it.

Interval training – Again, due to reader demand, I continue to source new NO-equipment interval methods and unique programs that will help them burn fat while having fun and variety in their programs.

But at the end of the day, the TT 2K3 and TT2K4 programs from the original TT manual are still two of the best workouts I’ve created.

Parth: Great, thanks for your time Craig.

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