Turbulence Training Amazing Lower Abs


These amazing workouts are unlike any abdominal workouts you have experienced. Craig Ballantyne combines effective lower ab exercises with interval cardio to help your abs “pop” out. If you're struggling with this problem area, then this is the program for you!

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Ab falls into two categories: excessive training and no training at all. Excessive training is where someone devotes an entire, hour-long to doing crunches, , and other similar movements.

Under training involves and individual doing a few sets of situps at the end of their workout, or not training their at all. I used to be one of the people that never trained their abs. And somehow, my abs were really strong.

Well, I’ll tell you why abs were so strong: it was because I was training them the way they should be trained. You see, the function of your abs is stabilizations. So when you do pullups, pushups, and squats, you’re still training your abs.

But there is another layer to this. You can still train your abs the way they’re supposed to be, while still targeting them. I know, that sentence is a bit confusing. What I’m saying is that you can do an ab movement that focuses on stabilization without it being a crunch or situp.

What are these magical exercises? Well, they’re all in Craig Ballantyne’s Amazing Lower Abs . Lets take a look at some sample movements he uses in the program:

Spiderman Climb

  • Looks like an easy movement, but it actually does a great job of working your abs. Start the movement off in pushup position.
  • Pick one foot off the floor and slowly bring it up to the outside of your shoulder. Touch your foot to the ground, and return it to starting position.
  • Repeat with the other foot.

Hanging Leg Raise

  • Grab a chinup bar using a underhand, or palms facing you grip. Contract your abs and raise your legs up in front of you until they are parallel to the floor.
  • Do not use momentum. Lower them slowly and repeat.

Plank with Arms on Ball

  • When the regular plank becomes to easy for you, perform this version. Get a .
  • Clasp your hands and place them on top of the ball. Get into plank position and hold for 30-60 seconds.
  • Make sure your body is straight from your shoulders to your toes.

Now that we’ve gone over some basic movements, let me show you the structure of this program:

Day 1 – Workout A

After a quick warmup superset, you will perform 2 supersets for 3 sets each exercise. That is followed by an intense ab involving the Hanging Leg Raise. There is also an alternative ab circuit. You can do both of the circuits, or just one, it’s completely up to you.

You finish the workout off with A.

Day 3 – Workout B

The structure is the same as Workout A, however there is only one Ab circuit provided. There is another movement you perform for high reps right before the abs circuit (not telling you the movement). The ab circuit includes the Plank with Arms on Ball exercise.

Finish this workout off with Interval Workout B

Day 5 – Workout A

Yup, you repeat workout A, and then on Day 1 of next week, perform workout B. You can also perform a on this day. I actually recommend doing it that way, just to switch things up.

Amazing Lower Abs is a great if you’re trying to lose the fat in your lower abs and really make your abdominals POP out. Click here to grab a copy of this workout program today!