Visual Impact Muscle Building


Just a Few of the Topics of the course at a glance:

  • A detailed explanation of what a mass building set “feels” like. This way you can be sure that each set actually builds the muscle instead of just making you sore.
  • Why simply training heavy and using “progressive resistance” doesn’t guarantee that you will add muscle mass.
  • Why lifting heavy is better for tone and lifting light is better for mass.
  • A “bonus phase” strategy that will pack 5-10 pounds of fat free mass quickly onto your physique right before an event.
  • How to specialize on a lagging body part without over-training.
  • How to split up your routine if you don’t want to add mass to your legs,
  • How to create rock hard muscles that look great 24 hours per day and from any angle
  • How to put on muscle without ever having to worry about looking like a meat-head. How to create the sharp “angular” look, instead of the bloated round look.
  • The proper strategy to get masculine square looking pecs, that makes your chest look like an armor plate instead of having typical rounded body builder pecs.
  • How to build density in your abs instead of adding size to this area…getting those deep etched abs that are visible 24 hours per day (not just with good lighting).

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