How to Burn Fat with 10-Minute Equipment Free Workouts

Fat Shrinking Signal is a fitness manual and video series created by Derek Wahler. In the following review, we will look at some some pros and cons of this program:

Pro: Based on Science

Derek Wahler claims that the reason why so many of us are unable to lose fat, especially around the midsection, is because of Leptin Resistance. Most have not heard of this condition because it is often misdiagnosed.

Is there any evidence that leptin resistance prevents fat loss?

Yes, here are a few studies:

According to a study published in the International Review Journal, “Leptin resistance has been defined as reduced or absent responsiveness to the feeding and body weight inhibitory effects of the hormone in obese individuals compared with normal (lean) controls.”

Here is what Leptin is supposed to do:

  • Leptin is a hormone product by fat cells in our body.
  • The main role of leptin is regulating how many calories we eat and burn, as well as how much fat we carry on our bodies.
  • It does this job by sending a signal to the brain, telling exactly how much fat is stored in the fat cells.
  • Obese individuals have high levels of leptin, but may also suffer from leptin resistance.
  • Leptin resistance causes you to feel hungry. It also causes you to have low energy levels.
  • When you lose fat, leptin levels decrease. The brain interprets this as your body starving, and therefore tries to gain the weight back.
  • Leptin resistance may be caused by inflammation, high leptin levels, and elevated free fatty acids.

Conclusion: it is your very own survival mechanism causing fat gain. Derek Wahler’s program addresses this problem and provides a solution.


Pro: Created by qualified professional


Derek Wahler is a Turbulence Training certified trainer. He has other qualifications, including being a sought-after speaker on obesity. However, I want to focus on his Turbulence Training certification and explain why this is so important:

  • Forces trainers to keep up with the latest scientific studies. Most trainers still use methods that are outdated and have proven not to work with their clients.
  • Focuses on the one million mission, put forth by creator Craig Ballantyne. The one million mission is a mission with the goal of helping one million people lose fat and transform their lives.
  • Shows trainers how to help their clients build positive, healthy, and life-long rituals to maintain the weight that they have lost.

In short, if a trainer is Turbulence Training certified – you know they have a higher purpose beyond just their personal bottom line. This is a mission of truly transforming people’s lives.

Con: You May need to work hard and put forth effort

Most people reading this will be shocked at this statement, but I can’t tell you just how many people purchase a product but never use it…then claim that it didn’t work!

The 10-minute workouts in Derek Wahler’s package do work.  You just have to follow them. You need to stick through, be consistent, and take it a day at a time. 

Pro: Exercises are tough, but doable


First of all, you do not need any equipment for any of the workouts in this plan. Second, the exercises are doable, but tough. What does that mean?

That means that the exercises will challenge you, but you do not need to learn some complicated tricks in order to execute them. The movements are low-impact, meaning that they will protect your joints – especially your knees and ankles.

I hate seeing personal trainers having their overweight and obese clients performing jump-type movements and exercises that they clearly are unable to do. Start them off with easier movements that challenge them, and build them up to something harder.

Derek Wahler understands this since he works with overweight clients.

Con: Not ideal for gym goers


If you’re someone who’s been exercising for quite some time and are just looking for an intense workout to challenge you…or are looking for some alternative 10 minute workouts as a replacement to your gym workouts… then this is not for you.

This is a beginner training program. It’s for people who need to lose 20+ pounds of fat, and require a step by step plan to achieve that objective.

If you’re someone who’s been training many years and are in good shape, you most likely do not have the leptin resistance problem that Derek Wahler describes.

For more advanced trainees, I recommend Turbulence Training. Click here to learn more about this plan. 

Pro: You’ll Achieve a leaner and healthier body

It’s not going to be easy, but with Derek’s help you’ll certainly be that much closer to achieving a healthier body. He’s constantly giving you incredible tips throughout the book.


The greatest benefit is that the workouts only take 10 minutes. In our society, we’re often too busy to work on ourselves. With work-related stress, family, school, social life..etc., etc – we have so much going on that it can be difficult to find the hour we need to workout the way that most program call for.

With Derek’s program, you don’t need an hour to exercise…you just need 10 minutes!

Pro: Includes Video Lessons

The last thing that is so incredible about Derek’s program is that he also includes video lessons. Reading something and visually seeing something are two different things.

Derek Wahler brings you 20, follow-along workout videos which are available for immediate download. No waiting required! You can literally start burning fat the moment you grab the product..

Overall, Derek’s created an amazing product!


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