TT Bootcamp 2.0

Craig Ballantyne just recently released his second set of Bootcamp workouts. Lets take a look at some pros and cons:

Pro: Craig Comes out with the Best Workouts

Craig Ballantyne has a pretty good track record. Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded his various workouts and have gotten positive results from them.

However, over 1173 personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts downloaded the first set of TT Bootcamp workouts.

They did it add more fun, variety, and fat burning to their workouts. Think about it, over a 1000 people downloaded just ONE of Craig’s many programs.

So if you’re a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, or someone who just wants to run a fitness bootcamp, you know that Craig’s going to send you some hard as nails bootcamp workouts.

Pro: Very minimal equipment needed

These workouts need absolutely no equipment. So you can run a bootcamp class in the outdoors, or workout in your backyard.

These 31 workouts are also great because you can do them anywhere and at anytime. So if you’re on vacation and can’t get to a gym, just do a bootcamp workout in your hotel room or parking lot.

You can even put your friends or visiting relatives through these circuit-style bootcamp workouts!

Con: You May need to Work Hard

With any program, the key to success is hard work. If you don’t actually do the workouts and push yourself, you won’t get results.

There are so many workouts to choose from! Just start off with a program that you like and build yourself from there.

Pro: Lots of Workouts

Here are just some of the workouts you’ll get with this program:

  1. The TT Beginner Bootcamp 2K10
  2. The TT Physical Testing Bootcamp
  3. The TT Big 7 Circuit Bootcamp
  4. The 3-Part TT for Abs Bootcamp Workout Series
  5. The 3-Part TT Booty Bootcamp Workout Series
  6. The 3-Part TT Adrenaline Bootcamp Workout Series (Advanced!)
  7. The TT Bootcamp 300 Workout Challenge
  8. The 3-Part TT Beach Body Bootcamp Workout Series
  9. TT Metabolic Resistance Circuit Bootcamps
  10. The TT Fusion Bootcamp
  11. The TT Transformation Bootcamp
  12. The TT Fusion Bootcamp

You’re also getting 4 incredible interviews from bootcamp trainers, teaching you how to build up your own bootcamp business.

These trainers are Bedros Keuilian, Steve Hochman, Chris McCombs, Leanne Ellington.

Con: TOO Many workouts

Sometimes getting too many workouts at once can be confusing. You just feel like you want to do everything at once.

You guys know I get access to a lot of different workouts. What I do is perform a workout just once or twice before moving onto something else.


For me, 31 workouts means that I have about 60 days worth of workouts. Then I move onto something else.

Pro: You’ll Achieve a leaner and healthier body

It’s not going to be easy, but with Craig’s workouts you can certainly get leaner and healthier.

As I mentioned earlier, it takes hard work and dedication. But I’m positive you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Take it slow and steady, and you will be able to achieve your goals. Workout with a partner if you are unable to get yourself motivated.

Pro: It’s Cheap

Craig’s programs are always under priced because he OVER DELIVERS. The program sells for $97.

But this package should be $399. If you’re a personal trainer, investing that $97 can easily help you build a six figure bootcamp income.

And if you’re just a fitness enthusiast, well then, you’re just like me. You’re looking for that intense workout that will challenge you.

Craig’s got 31 of them. Click here to grab a copy of TT Bootcamp 2.0 today!

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