The ONE thing you can do to enhance your kettlebell workouts…

In 2003, Mike Whitfield was nearing 300lbs. It was at this point that he finally decided to make a change in his lifestyle. Through hard work, and a “secret sauce” which I’ll reveal in this review…he started dropping the pounds. Within the first 6 months, he lost 75lbs of fat. He soon dropped another 30 pounds, making a grand total weight loss of 105 lbs!

Mike has since gone onto becoming a successful personal trainer, and one of the first 50 individuals to become a Certified Turbulence Training instructor (we all know about Turbulence Training!).

And that secret sauce?..workout finishers!

He’s teamed up with Kettlebell coach and Certified Turbulence Training instructor Chris Lopez to bring you…Kettlebell Finishers.

What are Kettlebell Finishers?

A workout finisher is exactly what it sounds like: a short workout you do at the END of your training regimen. The technique is very simple, but it’s CRAZY hard since you’re extremely tired at the end of your workout. You don’t want to do anything more. However, if you just willed up enough courage to do one simple short workout after your regular regimen, it would make a HUGE difference.

My Sensei (Karate instructor) used to say, “It’s what you do at the end that matters.” This meant that no matter how great we kicked, punched, or did our forms, it was what we did at the end of the workout that showed him how tough we really were. It’s easy to do pushups in the beginning of a workout, but it’s HARD to perform pushups at the end of a workout.

Kettlebell Finishers takes the magic of both Workout Finishers and Chris  Lopez’ brand of  Kettlebell workouts to bring you a super potent form of training that’ll blast fat and build muscle like never before!

Pros of Kettlebell Finishers

#1 – Perform serious cardio without having to perform long, boring steady state cardio. Kettlebell training is the best way to both burn fat and increase your aerobic conditioning. In fact, I did 8 months strictly kettlebell training, then went out for a 3-mile run. I was able to finish the run in a shorter period of time despite not running for the past 8 months!

Enhance your workouts, burn fat, and end the reliance on boring cardio with Kettlebell Finishers. Click here to download today!

#2 – Each Kettlebell drill you perform increases your abdominal strength. This means that if you want, you can actually stop performing direct abdominal training! Finally be free of ineffective ab exercises such as situps and crunches.

#3 – All you need is a Kettlebell, and your bodyweight. There are finishers where you use two kettlebells, but even these can be easily modified to be used with only one Kettlebell.

#4 – The full package also comes with two additional sets of finishers by Mike Whitfield. These are bodyweight-only finishers and so can be used when you want a break from Kettlebell training.

Cons of Kettlebell Finishers

The main con here would be that if you have never trained with Kettlebells, don’t purchase this plan. If you want a beginners guide to Kettlebell training, then check out Mike Mahler’s DVD set here.

These finishers are primarily for intermediate and advanced trainees,

Who should use Kettlebell Finishers?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely download kettlebell finishers now:

  • You’re familiar with Kettlebell training
  • You’re in love with workout finishers
  • You’re a fitness freak who loves to push the envelope
  • You’re familiar with intense interval and circuit type workouts
  • You feel like vomiting when someone mentions the word “cardio”
  • You’re familiar with  Chris  Lopez’s or Mike Whitfields workouts
  • You’re just looking to try something new
  • You’re someone who has very little time on their hands
  • You’re looking for even faster results

How will Kettlebell Finishers help you burn fat?

Kettlebell finishers take advantage of the afterburn effect, which is how many calories you burn after you finish exercising. For example, sprinting for 30 seconds will have a greater afterburn effect then jogging for 30 seconds.

Energy expenditure is the amount of calories you burn throughout the day doing normal activities such as sitting, talking, and taking out the trash.

Enhance your workouts, burn fat, and end the reliance on boring cardio with Kettlebell Finishers. Click here to download today!

When adding exercise into the picture, not only should you be concerned about how many calories you burn during the workout, but also how many calories you burn after the workout is over.

The tougher your workout, the longer your metabolic rate will be elevated. Workout finishers essentially takes your regular workout and makes it more effective by helping you squeeze out every bit of intensity you have left in you.

Enhance your workouts, burn fat, and end the reliance on boring cardio with Kettlebell Finishers. Click here to download today!