“R.O.P.E” Tacfit: The Best Suspension Bodyweight Training Program Ever?

I’m sure you guys have heard of suspension training, right? Suspension training is a great way to take your bodyweight workouts to the next level, by literally suspending yourself in the air! This training style requires a tremendous amount of core strength, and can be the secret weapon to build lean muscle mass with bodyweight movements.

TacFit Rope is a low-cost form of suspension training. Other methods of suspension training, such as TRX and Ring Training require expensive equipment….which kind of defeats the purpose of bodyweight exercise.

A piece of Rope costs very little. I actually use Martial Arts Belts to perform my workouts. These cost no more than $5 on Amazon. I’ve heard that a thick, long piece of Rope as shown in the TacFit Rope workouts, costs about the same.

7 Ways TacFit Rope will Help take your Bodyweight Training to the Next Level

  1. Bodyweight training is supposed to be portable. However, the biggest problem is with back training. You can’t carry around a pullup bar with you. Even if you did, you would have trouble finding places to hang it from. However, with TacFit rope, all you need is sturdy pole, or tree, which you can find in any far corner of the world!
  2. Another huge problem with bodyweight training is people do not make their exercises more difficult. Making a movement more difficult takes some creativity. However, with suspension training, all of your bodyweight movements automatically become more difficult!
  3. I’m a sucker for compound movements. With bodyweight training, almost all movements are compound. However, you can make them even more “compound” and engage more muscles at once by making them multi-dimensional. Some of the more beginner exercises are one-dimensional in TacFit Rope, however some of the more advanced movements are multi-dimensional!
  4. The cool thing about suspension training is that you get a nice stretch at certain points of the movement. One of the reasons why I love going full range of motion, as opposed to short, bodybuilding style reps, is because when you do those short reps, your muscles get tight. That’s when things start hurting. Focus on full range of motion, and take advantage of the stretching portions of movements.
  5. All of the TacFit Rope workouts are based on 8 cycles of 20 seconds of work, and 10 seconds rest. This is known as the Tabata protocol, and type of interval scheme that has been proven by researchers to not only burn fat, but to also enhance athletic conditioning, speed, and power!
  6. When I first did pushups using a rope, I was only able to manage 5 repetitions. Now, I’m a guy that can easily do 30-40 pushups at any given moment. So going from 30 pushups to 5 pushups…means that this hard training! And when you go low reps, you know what that means…you’re building strength and mass!
  7. The final reason why TacFit Rope is go great is because it’s fun! I went to my garage gym yesterday to workout, and I spent literally 90 minutes just testing out the new exercises! It wasn’t until my sister called me to ask me where I was did I realize what time it was!

If you’ve been training with your bodyweight for quite some time and are looking into suspension training to enhance your workouts, then you need to grab TacFit Rope today!

Even if you’re a beginner, you can still get started with the Recruit program and build yourself up gradually.

Click here to Grab TacFit Rope and take your Bodyweight Training to the Next Level!

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