3 Research Methods To Boost your Bodyweight Exercise

Research is very important in your quest to improve with . The following are some research tools you can use to improve your fitness levels.

Some of these resources are free, and others are not free. Lets go over a few free ones first. The first free resource is your own diary. If you do not have a training diary, then start one right now!

How to Start a Diary

Here are a few things you need for a successful training diary:

  • Description of – what you did
  • Method of measurement – record your progress with time, reps, sets, etc.
  • Mood – How did you feel before and after your workout?
  • Time – What time did you workout?
  • Notes – Write a few sentences of what you liked and what you did not like about the workout.

The World of Blogging

The second resource is the . Specifically, blogs. Shah Training is a blog, but there are lots of other blogs out there that can help you out with your training.

Use google’s blog search feature to seek out these new blogs. In fact, what I do is just use Google Blog Search when I need to research a new topic. I trust individual blogs more than I trust mainstream media (well, you already knew that).

Sifting Through eBooks

The last source of great bodyweight information is eBooks. Some eBooks are cheap, some are expensive.

How Will You use this Information?

As you can tell, there are tons of bodyweight resources out there on the Internet. When deciding which products to feature on my website, I wanted there to be as much diversity as possible.

I was quite amazed at how many bodyweight training products are out there on the market. But each of these 6 eBooks provides a unique perspective on . While one focuses on Animal Training , another is based off of Martial Arts exercises.

The question is not which approach you will take. The question is how can you use all this knowledge to create your own unique fitness philosophy.


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