Review of Dragon Door Kettlebells – Pros & Cons

Dragon Door has been around for quite some time (since 1991). I discovered Dragon Door around the same time I discovered Kettlebells. I was looking for more information, particularly workouts that I could perform.

What attracted me was their free articles and forum. Great discussion and content being shared by some of the top Kettlebell coaches out there. Now, the company has become a solid source of training equipment and books designed for people who enjoy hardcore training.

Dragon Door Kettlebell Types

The Kettlebell market has exploded in recent years. In the attempt to make Kettlebells popular, manufacturers have come out with a variety of unique Kettlebells including adjustable Kettlebells, plastic Kettlebells, Kettlebells with a slimmer grip, Kettlebells with a uniquely shaped bell, etc.

What makes Dragon Door unique is that they have stuck to the original Russian Kettlebells. These are, once again, for those who want to implement Kettlebells – not as a gimmicky tool – but instead as they were meant to be used – to boost one’s strength, power, and athleticism.

So lets get into what types of Kettlebells Dragon Door sells:

Authentic Russian Kettlebell w/ rust resistant e-coat

35lb_kbAs the name suggests, these are the original Russian Kettlebells, molded from pure cast iron. It features a rust resistant coat, making them last super long. Sad to say my first Kettlebell was not from Dragon door, and you can easily see the difference between my non-Dragon Door KB and my Dragon Door KB.

The non-Dragon Door KB is rusted and has lost it’s original shape. The Dragon Door brand is still going strong with no rusting, and has maintained it’s original shape.

Kettlebells for Women – rust resistant, authentic Russian

p10mThese are made in the same manner but instead feature a unique handle manageable for smaller hands. The triangular shape easily allows for a two-handed grip.

Compared to dumbbells and Kettlebells for women made from other brands, Dragon Door still maintains a fat grip. This fat grip is what makes Kettlebells so unique and effective. Without the fat grip, you might as well just swing a dumbbell.

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Narrower Handle – Authentic Russian Kettlebell, rust resistant

p10sThis Kettlebell design is the thinnest of all three designs – and yet is thicker then a typical dumbbell. The purpose of this design is to allow you to perform higher-rep Kettlebell drills.

Trainees have also stated that they are able to progress much faster with a thinner grip then a fatter grip on certain lifts, such as the snatch. I still recommend training with the original fat grip, as you will see greater carry over in strength.

Another difference between this and the kettlebells designed for women is the curved shape of the handle as opposed to the triangular shape. Therefore, this is made for one-arm lifts.

HKC Kettlebell

RKB001-HKClogo600pxThe newest addition to Dragon Door’s line of Kettlebells, the HKC features an advanced polymer that guarantees a lifetime of use. These are specifically created to be used on any flooring, including outdoor patio use.

If you are limited in terms of where you can train and must train in your apartment or similar area – then these are perfect for you. The problem with traditional Kettlebells is that they damage the flooring when you set them down.

HKC kettlebells also features an easier grip, making it perfect for beginners.

Pros of Dragon Door Kettlebells

#1 – Dragon Door’s focus is to cultivate toughness. They are not interested in becoming a typical commercial company. From their Kettlebells to their books, they focus more on old-school methods and tools to build strength, muscle, and athleticism.

#2 – They are the preferred source of equipment for many military, law enforcement, and combat athletes. They also hold numerous Kettlebell training certifications throughout the world. Dragon Door knowns Kettlebell training, and understands the needs of their customers.

#3 – Dragon Door essentially launched the modern Kettlebell revolution. They were the leaders of the pack, and everyone else is playing catch up. They will continue to lead, especially since they are not interested in creating any gimmicky products (one main reason why they do not sell any adjustable Kettlebells).

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#4 – If you’re someone who wants straight-forward content and training equpment to help you achieve your goals without any fluff or magic marketing, then Dragon Door is your source.

Cons of Dragon Door Kettlebells:

The only con is that the Kettleebells do not come with a starter program. The good thing is that they have a number of DVD tutorials available for you here.

Who should use Dragon Door Kettlebells?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Dragon Door Kettlebells now:

  • You’re in love with Dragon Door products
  • You’re a fitness freak who loves to push the envelope
  • You’re a busy parent who needs short, intense workouts
  • You’ve already incorporated kettlebell training into your workouts and are looking for heavier weights
  • You’re looking to switch up your current routine.
  • You’re someone who has very little time on their hands and wants to use Kettlebells to get quick workouts

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