Review of Eric Wong’s Cutting Weight for MMA – Pros & Cons

Most MMA athletes and boxers train hard for their sport, but often times all that hard work is high jacked when it comes time to cut weight for a bout. Athletes will experience weakness and sluggishness if they have to cut massive amount of weight right before a bout.

That’s where Eric Wong’s blueprint comes in…

Who is Eric Wong?

Eric Wong is a professional MMA trainer who’s trained many UFC athletes.

Here’s a list of all the athletes using Eric Wong’s program:

  • Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin, UFC Fighter
  • Ray “The Hitman” Penny, Pro MMA Fighter
  • John A., MMA Light Heavyweight – KCMO
  • Rory McDonell, Pro MMA Fighter
  • Subaig Singh, UK Mixed Martial Artist
  • Jack Szatko, 2007 Joslin’s Canadian Open Champ
  • Anthony Tullo, 2003 BJJ Canadian National Gold Medalist
  • JC Cousin, MMA Fighter
  • Rocci Williams, MMA Fighter
  • Larry Fagesbaker, Kickboxer

He’s also the author of numerous other training programs for combat athletes including:

weight-cutting-blueprintCut Weight for a Bout Safely with Eric Wong’s Blueprint. Click here to learn more.

Eric Shares stories of fighters who have used his method of cutting weight:

“I remember flying out to Vancouver with a fighter I was training named Joe Khamou. He was cutting to 170 lbs. It was his first MMA fight.

He was following my weight cutting  guidelines and he was close, but it’d been about 24 hours since he last weighed in.

When we landed in Vancouver, we went for a walk to find supplies for the re-hydration phase. And hopefully a scale to check where he was at.

The whole time we were walking around, he was trying to spit, but nothing was coming out.

He kept doing it and I was like, “What the fuck man, stop already.”

“Sorry. It’s just so weird spitting and having no spit.”

Hahaha Khamou.

It was like walking around with a dog that you just fed a box of crackers to.”

What Eric’s Blueprint does not involve:

Traditionally, fighters would spend hours in the sauna, perform loads of cardio, starve themselves, and take diuretics to lose the weight. Eric Wong doesn’t recommend this system.

Here’s what Eric has to say about his traditional form of cutting weight:

“…my argument is to leave all of an athlete’s skill…

All of an athlete’s mental toughness…

And all of an athlete’s abundant amounts of energy, energy that he’s worked so damn hard for…

To leave it for him to use in his fight.

It’s a shame for this energy to be wasted on making weight. A real shame. That’s why I say that cutting weight is the most ridiculous concept in sport.

Yes, out of concern for the health risks to athletes, fighters and friends.

And because of the waste of energy that could be used to give us fight of the night after fight of the night.

Instead of a week dedicated to a low-calorie, low-carb diet, he could be nourishing his body properly, with delicious, nutritious food. He would stay well hydrated on pure and clean water. The good food and water would give him clarity of thought to mentally prepare for the task at hand. His body would have the building blocks to heal from the beating it took during a grueling training camp.”

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Pros of Weight Cutting Blueprint:

  • Maintain your muscle and strength while cutting weight.
  • No need to follow complicated starvation diet plans.
  • Anyone can easily implement this plan without the need of a coach.
  • The only program that is safe and effective.
  • Follows a clear scientific approach
  • Eric Wong is a testament to the authenticity of the plan

Cons of Weight Cutting Blueprint:

This is not a fat loss program. It’s a specific blueprint for fighters and athletes to drop weight quickly. For fat loss programs try these:

Cut Weight for a Bout Safely with Eric Wong’s Blueprint. Click here to learn more.

Who should use this plan?

If any of these the following categories describe you, then you should certain grab yourself a copy of Eric Wong’s Cutting Weight for MMA:

  • You suffer from lack of energy after a weight cut.
  • You’ve tried other weight cutting plans without any results
  • You’re a fighter.
  • You’re tired of performing excessive cardio to cut weight.

Cut Weight for a Bout Safely with Eric Wong’s Blueprint. Click here to learn more.