Review of Eric Wong’s Program for Pugilists – Pros and & Cons

I recall my Karate Sensei being shocked at my performance in the dojo. He looked at me and said, “It’s like you’ve…changed.” My change was due to performing circuit-style exercises at home, separate from my dojo sessions.

I’ve always been a chubby and slow kid. Before that moment at the dojo, I had tried many different forms of training including running, weight training, and yoga to try and improve my athletic performance.

It was actually my bodybuilding-style workouts I performed at my high school gym that actually slowed me down. Bodybuilding is all about isolating muscle groups. Martial Arts is all about training your entire body.

Whether you’re doing Karate or Boxing, when you perform a punch you need to throw your entire body into the movement. Power is generated from the bottom up, and therefore you must learn to train your body as one unit.

This is what Eric Wong’s Program for Pugilists is based upon. There are a number of things done right in his system. First, he emphasises the training of all three energy systems:

  • Aerobic Energy System – very efficient with the focus of time. Marathoners have a great aerobic system, but not much in the way of strength or power.
  • Anaerobic Lactic Energy System – focus is on power and strength, but that energy does not last very long.
  • Anaerobic Alactic Energy System – extremely fast and powerful, but lasts only a few seconds.

Most conditioning programs spend a lot of time on fast, intense and randomized workouts – but few target all three energy systems.

Second, as we discussed, Eric’s program targets the entire body. Weight training is implemented, but is used to help the boxer generate maximum power in his punching.

He does this through training the transverse or rotational plane of movement. My sensei spent a long time explaining to us that power is generated in the hips. This is the same thing that Eric teaches (but in more scientific terms).

Who is Eric Wong?

Eric Wong is a professional MMA trainer who’s trained many UFC athletes.

Here’s a list of all the athletes using Eric Wong’s program:

  • Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin, UFC Fighter
  • Ray “The Hitman” Penny, Pro MMA Fighter
  • John A., MMA Light Heavyweight – KCMO
  • Rory McDonell, Pro MMA Fighter
  • Subaig Singh, UK Mixed Martial Artist
  • Jack Szatko, 2007 Joslin’s Canadian Open Champ
  • Anthony Tullo, 2003 BJJ Canadian National Gold Medalist
  • JC Cousin, MMA Fighter
  • Rocci Williams, MMA Fighter
  • Larry Fagesbaker, Kickboxer

He’s also the author of numerous other training programs for combat athletes including:

pugilists-cover-3d-web3Improve your Strength & Conditioning along with your Punching Power with Eric Wong’s Program for Pugilists. Click here to learn more.

Pros of Program for Pugilists:

  • Based on scientific Strength & Conditioning principles.
  • Provides a fully illustrated program guide.
  • Numerous testimonials prove his workouts are effective.
  • Eric Wong is an MMA coach, instructor, and author of successful programs.
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Follows a clear approach to program design.
  • The program will boost your punching power.

Cons of Program for Pugilists:

#1 – The program uses barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and cables. However, you can substitute dumbbells for kettlebells and resistance bands for cables.

#2 – Even though Eric Wong coaches you with follow along videos, it might help if you had someone there with you. A second eye is always helpful.

Improve your Strength & Conditioning along with your Punching Power with Eric Wong’s Program for Pugilists. Click here to learn more.

Who should purchase Program for Pugilists??

If any of these the following categories describe you, then you should certain grab yourself a copy of Program for Pugilists

  • You’re a boxer.
  • You’re a strength and conditioning or boxing coach that wants the best way to train your athletes.
  • You enjoy new and challenging workouts.
  • You’re looking to break into boxing or combat sports.

download-36Improve your Strength & Conditioning along with your Punching Power with Eric Wong’s Program for Pugilists. Click here to learn more.