Review of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual – Pros & Cons

When it comes to jumping higher, you need every single tool in your arsenal. The problem with having lots of tools, however, is that it’s difficult to figure out what works, and what doesn’t.

That’s where Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual comes in – a logical, step by step plan to jump higher for sport and life.

How to Jump Higher

There are 9 different variable which Jacob Hiller goes into that affect your vertical jumping.

Most programs only focus on one or two factors, which make them subpar compared to the results you can get through Jacob’s plan.

His plan focus on correct training techniques, an eating plan, flexibility, and much more.

Yes, you read that right – an eating plan! This is the biggest mistake other manuals fail to make. Your nutrition is impacts your athletic abilities.

Who is Jacob Hiller?

Hiller is a basketball coach, trainer to olympians, and has even worked with professional dunk teams.

Jacob Hiller was a basketball player who struggled to increase his vertical jump through conventional programs. After his retirement from playing ball, he became a coach.

After observing and investing time and research into what methods improved the jumping abilities of his athletes, Jacob developed the full Jump Manual program.

the-jump-manualUse the Jump Manual to finally boost your vertical jump and shatter the competition! Click to learn more.

Pros of The Jump Manual:

#1 – Get the experience and information of an accomplished basketball coach without having to go see and pay for his professional services.

#2 – The program has helped athletes boost their vertical jump by 10-25 inches. Jacob can put you in touch with real athletes who have gotten these results.

#3 – Covers a variety of methods to boost your vertical jump including technique improvements, fixing your diet, injury prevention, and more.

#4 – Includes one on one training. Once you purchase the plan, you become a client of Jacobs. You then have access to him via email for one-on-one help with all your problems

Cons of Jump Manual:

The biggest con is the nature of the program itself. It is a strictly vertical jump manual which will help you become a better basketball player, track and field athlete, and will have carry over to explosive sports.

There are other more sport-specific workouts that you can try:

Who should purchase Jump Manual?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Jump Manual Now:

  • You’re looking to boost your vertical jump.
  • You’re ready to dominate your opponents on the court.
  • You are a relative beginner looking for a comprehensive plan to improve your game.
  • You feel that your current vertical jump plan isn’t working for you.

jump-manualUse the Jump Manual to finally boost your vertical jump and shatter the competition! Click to learn more.


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