Review of Joe LoGalbo’s Anabolic Running – Pros & Cons

One of the most common areas of contention when it comes to fitness is cardio. Should you do cardio, or shouldn’t you do cardio? If so, how long and what type? Is steady state cardio better then high intensity, short duration cardio?

So many questions!

It is often believed that one should not do any cardio when trying to build muscle. Cardio will ruin your gains. It may prevent muscle gain, or even break down your hard earned muscle.

Is any of this true?

Well Joe LoGalbo has a different way of looking at things.

First, Joe LoGalbo agrees that long, traditional cardio actually prevents the production of testosterone, which is a very important hormone for building lean muscle mass and burning fat. In fact, too much cardio can even cause fat storage around the belly!

Instead, he provides an alternative running trick which will only require 16 minutes of exercise per week. This trick will help boost your growth hormone production by a staggering 530%

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Pros of Anabolic Running:

#1 – Shows you how 2 minutes worth of running before your resistance workouts can help release large amounts of testosterone

#2 – Provides tips and tricks on how to increase testosterone levels including ancient oils and specific vitamins.

#3 – How to maximize a specific hormone which helps actors such as Hugh Jackman get and stay ripped despite their age.

#4 – Explains the major mistakes men make when embarking on a high-intensity interval plan.

Cons of Anabolic Running:

Only drawback is that this is a purely high intensity plan, developed for men who have a base level of strength and cardio endurance. If you’re a complete beginner, then try one of these plans:

Who should purchase Anabolic Running?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Anabolic Running now:

  • You enjoy working out hard and are ready for a new challenge.
  • You feel that your current workout is lacking, and you need something that works better.
  • You’ve done high intensity interval training before with good results. Now you’re ready to try something more effective.
  • You want to get back to your intense workouts after a layoff.
  • You’re a runner who’s experienced muscle loss with their plan.
  • You want to put on muscle but don’t want to get fat.

Use Anabolic Running and finally transform your body without excessive cardio. Click to learn more.