Review of Kate Vidulich’s Bodyweight Cardio 500 – Pros & Cons

Kate Vidulich is an ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist and Turbulence Training certified trainer from Australia. She’s helped thousands of individuals lose fat with intense home workouts, and was herself overweight.

What is Bodyweight Cardio 500?

Bodyweight Cardio is a fun and challenging way of training that involves creating interval and circuit workouts using just your bodyweight. Kate Vidulich has done just that in her Bodyweight Cardio 500 Plan.

She implements three key rules when developing each of her workouts:

  • “Work” intervals are under 1 minute – this means that you perform a movement for no more than 1 minute straight at a high intensity level before taking a rest. The rest periods are short in order to keep your heartrate up.
  • Use full-body exercises only, organized into a non-competing manner. We’re not trying to isolate muscle groups here. This isn’t a bodybuilding plan. It’s a fat loss anti-cardio plan, and so exercises will be grouped in a specific manner.
  • Each workout should be under 20 minutes – we want to keep the training as intense as possible. The more intense the workout, the shorter it will be. That is the rule. So Kate has created each workout to be under 20 minutes.

Pros of Bodyweight Cardio 500

#1 – This program is perfect for busy people, especially for busy parents. Numerous testimonials show that Kate’s program is very popular amongst moms and dads with busy schedules. Bodyweight Cardio 500 shows people that they don’t have to sacrifice fitness to fulfil their duties in life.

#2 – Workouts are explosive, but progressive. Kate makes use of classic fat burning movements such as burpees, but she also provides progressive instruction making Bodyweight Cardio 500 an acceptable program for both beginner and advanced trainees.

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#3 – Bodyweight Cardio 500 takes advantage of the afterburn effect. The afterburn effect is how many calories you burn after you finish exercising. For example, sprinting for 30 seconds will have a greater afterburn effect then jogging for 30 seconds. You burn a certain amount of calories throughout the day doing normal activities such as sitting, talking, and taking out the trash. When adding exercise into the picture, not only should you be concerned about how many calories you burn during the workout, but also how many calories you burn after the workout is over.

#4 – Bodyweight Cardio 500 essentially removes the need for boring, long distance cardio. The only reason you would need to do it is if you actually wanted to. To me, this is the greatest benefit as I am as anti-cardio as you can get.

Cons of Bodyweight Cardio 500

I would say, the biggest drawback is that this is only a 30-day plan. Most plans out there provide a 12-week plan, or a minimum 6 week plan. Even though you can make significant progress in 30 days, you will still need to jump onto an additional bodyweight program once completed.

Here are some suggestions of some other great bodyweight workouts after you have completed the Bodyweight Cardio 500 plan:

Who should use Bodyweight Cardio 500?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Bodyweight Cardio 500 now:

  • You’re a beginner looking to incorporate to start a good fitness plan.
  • You’re in love with Kate’s previous workout plans
  • You’re a fitness freak who loves to push the envelope
  • You’re a busy parent who needs short, intense workouts
  • You feel that your current cardio plan is boring and need something more fun.
  • You’ve already incorporated bodyweight training into your workouts and are looking for some advanced instruction.
  • You’re looking to switch up your current routine.
  • You’re someone who has very little time on their hands
  • You’re looking for fast results.

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How will Bodyweight Cardio 500 help you burn fat?

Your RMR, or resting metabolic rate, is the amount of calories you burn while doing nothing. Everyone has a different RMR based on their individual metabolism. Cardio machines include RMR in theircalorie burn estimate, causing that final number to inflated.

So if you thought you just burned 500 calories on the treadmill, you actually burnt a much lower amount then that. You’ll never know the exact number (could be 400 or 200…).

The longer your workout time, and the more fat you have to lose, the more inflated the calorie amount will be. Perhaps it took you an hour to burn off 500 calories, according to the cardio machine.

Now that you know that is not an accurate number, ask yourself this: if you had to stay longer on that machine, would you? Do you really have that kind of time? Are you really willing to do keep doing something so boring that produces such little results?

You only burn calories while you are on that machine. Once you jump off the machine, you stop burning calories. We as a society have accepted this idea as fact, but it’s a highly inefficient way to exercise.

What you want to do is – especially those that have very little time on their hands – is invest your time performing those tasks that will give you the most benefit for your effort.

According to our survey, the biggest impediment for people trying to get into shape is lack of time. So then avoid the cardio machines completely, and start investing in a long-term fitness strategy.

One simple steps to take:

There you have it, a solid bodyweight-only cardio workout.

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