Scott Sonnon excels in developing highly effective and unique training regimens. His original TacFit Commando program is very popular amongst military and law enforcement personnel because he goes beyond just basic pushups and pullups.

What is Progressive Yoga?

I’ve tried yoga classes in the past, and have come across the following issues:

  • Didn’t appreciate the religious music in the background. I didn’t come to a temple, I came to workout.
  • I was unable to hold any of the poses. My body was bulky and lacked the balance to perform these movements. Where was the beginner level class?
  • I felt completely out of place. Here were grandmas, moms, and old skinny dudes doing all sorts of flexible stuff, and here I was a bulky fitness buff trying to do Yoga.
  • There was no guidance from the instructor. She came over a few times to change my leg position, but she spent most of her time in front of the class, focusing on her own poses.
  • I felt like I was going to fall over and seriously injure someone. This was no place for me.

Scott Sonnon’s Progressive Yoga is different because:

  • It is built specifically for athletes looking to loosen up their body and escape from the usual tightness and overuse pains that come with intense training.
  • It is based on the ancient practice of Yoga, without any cultural or religious influences.
  • It is created for people who are “heavily compensated” or those individuals who have been performing intense workouts for a very long time, or have been involved with sports, without having ever focused on a solid program designed to fix overuse and joint pain.

Pros of Scott Sonnon’s Progressive Yoga:

#1 – This is a health-first fitness plan. In other words, Progressive Yoga doesn’t focus on getting bigger or leaner. This program is all about improving your internal health – starting with increased blood flow, less joint pain, etc.

#2 – Scott Sonnon has taken the best an ancient exercise form, removed all the cultural and religious influences – and created a program based on movements that work best for your body. No fluff, no voodoo, just great routines.

If you’re ready to enhance your workouts and say good bye to those aches and pains, then download the Progressive Yoga system today! (Click Here).

#3 – Makes for a great pre-workout routine. It can be used as a warmup or as a way to prime your body for an intense workout. Those that engage in intense workouts often find themselves overuse injuries. Progressive Yoga can help prevent such injuries.

#4 – The Progressive Yoga plan can be used with nearly any other kind of workout. In fact, it’s a plug and play option, and is both a workout enhancer and a full training program. You use it the way you see fit.

Cons of Scott Sonnon’s Progressive Yoga:

If you’re looking for a program that will help you get ripped or get big, then Progressive Yoga is not for you. This is a plan to enhance your health. If you’re trying to get big and ripped, then try the following routines:

Who should use Progressive Yoga?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order Progressive Yoga now:

  • You’re in love with Scott Sonnon’s previous workout plans
  • You’re someone who loves intense workouts, but are looking for a good recovery component.
  • You already workout and are looking for a way to enhance your results.
  • You’ve tried Yoga before and are looking for a more, step by step approach.
  • You are looking for a Yoga plan without the cultural and religious influences.

If you’re ready to enhance your workouts and say good bye to those aches and pains, then download the Progressive Yoga system today! (Click Here).