Scott Sonnon excels in developing highly effective and unique training regimens. His original TacFit Commando program is very popular amongst military and law enforcement personnel because he goes beyond just basic pushups and pullups.

What is TacFit Spetsnaz?

Kettlebell Spetsnaz is Scott Sonnon’s premier special ops based Kettlebell program. These are the unique drills he learned during his travels in Russia, the heartland of Kettlebell training.

TacFit Spetsnaz is built on the following principles:

  • 4 levels of complexity – the program begins with basic movements, which gradually increase in complexity. Complexity relates to multi-dimensional movements that force you to engage more muscle during a single bout of exercise.
  • Technique and mastering the basics come before counting reps. This is why the program is built upon an interval based system. You do what you can within a given time frame. Even if you are only able to do one repetition, that one repetition must be done with spectacular form.
  • Each workout lasts just 30 minutes, making Kettlebell Spetsnaz the perfect option for individuals with busy lives. If you live in the modern world, your life is busy. School, work, life, family – there are always things preventing you from hitting the gym. A Kettlebell is your perfect portable piece of equipment.

Pros of TacFit Spetsnaz:

#1 – TacFit Spetsnaz comes with completely unique, new exercises. I learned a great deal of brand new movements that made my body and mind go “scream.” If you’re someone who has relied on traditional Kettlebell exercises, than most of these movements will be brand new to you.

#2 – Workouts are intense and fast paced. This program uses the Tabata protocol. The idea here to keep your heart rate up. This helps boost your metabolic rate and burn fat, making it a great cardio workout.

#3 – Kettlebell Spetsnaz, just like any other program from TacFit, includes a warmup and cooldown. Do not skip – especially the warmup. You will need it. You will find that you get a better workout when you actually go through the warmup drills before each session.

#4 – TacFit Spetsnaz essentially removes the need for boring weight lifting routines. This is one of the most challenging and heart-pumping programs I’ve come across!

It’s time to take your Kettlebell Training to the next level with TacFit Spetsnaz. Click here to download today!

Cons of TacFit Kettlebell Spetsnaz:

This program requires a high level of dedication and there are no days off. Of course, you can modify the program as you see fit if you are lacking the time to follow the plan. It’s understandable that not everyone can exercise daily.

Scott Sonnon states,”whoever can recover fastest from surprise, mistakes and overwhelming odds… wins.” This is why his programs are highly unique, intense, and high frequency.

Who should use TacFit Spetsnaz?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order TacFit Kettlebell Spetsnaz now:

  • You’re in love with Scott Sonnon’s previous workout plans
  • You’re a fitness freak who loves to push the envelope
  • You’re a busy parent who needs short, intense workouts
  • You feel that your current cardio plan is boring and need something more fun.
  • You’ve already incorporated kettlebell training into your workouts and are looking for some advanced instruction.
  • You’re looking to switch up your current kettlebell routine.
  • You’re someone who has very little time on their hands
  • You’re looking for fast results.
  • You’re in law enforcement or military.
  • You’re a firefighter or similar job that requires you to perform your best.
  • You’re a combat fighter who wants to up his strength, skill, and conditioning.

It’s time to take your Kettlebell Training to the next level with TacFit Spetsnaz. Click here to download today!


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