Snowed In Turbulence Fat Loss Workout

I’m snowed in. I can’t even get to my garage gym. What to do?

Don’t worry…. to the rescue!

Craig Ballantyne has a whole bunch of you can perform right in your home without any equipment.

What makes these so good? Well, lets just check out some sample routines:

Routine #1:

1) 4 minutes of The Punisher (Narrow-Stance x 20 seconds then Hold the bottom Squat position x 10 seconds and repeat 8 times)

2) (2 minutes using the 20 on, 10 seconds rest system)

3) Lunges – 100 reps

4) Bodysaw supersetted with side planks

5) 100 jumping jacks

Now that’s a pretty brutal workout. Here’s another one (this is the one I used this morning):

Routine #2:

1A) Narrow-Stance Squats x 20 seconds
1B) Hold the bottom Squat position x 10 seconds
Repeat two more times, then without resting, go to:
2A) (alternating) x 20 seconds
2B) x 10 seconds
Repeat one more time, then without resting, repeat 1A & 1B three more times until 4 minutes is up.

I just love the simplicity of it all. These workouts are seriously…you can roll out of bed, get it done, and you don’t have to worry about for the rest of the day!

Craig’s a genius. Learn more about his here => Bodyweight Deluxe Workouts

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