TacFit Bad45 Pros and Cons – Review, Scott Sonnon

The majority of individuals feel that bodyweight training has no place in a complete fitness program. They feel that bodyweight training is only good if you’re a complete beginner, or if you’re on vacation and don’t have access to weights or a gym.

I completely disagree. I believe that combining bodyweight training with dumbbell exercises is the best way of training. The following are 7 important reasons why you should combine Bodyweight and Dumbbell Training:

Reason #1: Save Time

By combining bodyweight and dumbbell exercises into high intensity superset, circuit training, and interval workouts, I save a lot of time. I’m getting the strength and size benefits of dumbbells, plus the fat burning and athletic fitness benefits of dumbbell training within an extremely short period of time.

Reason #2: Build Functional Strength

Functional strength is all about improving your ability to move. This is by far the most important thing to me because the last thing I want is to be 70 years old and unable to move. Train your muscles through their natural range of motion and you’ll be fit for the rest of your life.

Reason #3: No More need for Endless Situps

Because I focus on multi joint, compound movements that stress the core with every workout, I no longer need to do endless situps, crunches and back extensions. Instead, high power moves such as dumbbell windmills and swings are more that enough to build a strong core region.

All in all, TacFit BAD45 is a legitimate program that lives up to the TacFit brand. Click here to download and get started on Scott Sonnon’s plan.

Reason #4: Train Anywhere!

I have a home gym which consists of bodyweight training and free weights. That’s all I need to get a great workout. My gym is also portable. I usually take one to two road trips per year. All I need to do is place a pair of adjustable dumbbells in my trunk and I can have a great workout anywhere. Don’t forget the fact that pushups and squat variations can be performed anywhere as well.

Reason #5: Forces you to Work Hard

In order to achieve your goals, you need to work hard. Most people just go into a gym, hit up a few machines, talk to their friends, and pretend like they’re working hard. Combine Bodyweight and Dumbbell exercises into high intensity workouts and you won’t have time to talk to your friends.

Reason #6: Saves Money

Gym memberships will cost you over $400 per year. On top of that, they charge you for times when you don’t even go to a gym (say you took a break or went on vacation). Instead, start building your own home gym with cheap adjustable dumbbells and a pullup bar.

Reason #7: Convenience

Imagine getting up in the morning, and getting a great workout right there in your own bedroom. Or what about coming home from work and getting in a great workout right before dinner.  When you have your own home gym, you can train at your own time and convenience.

What is Bad45?

Bad45 is the TacFit brand of bodyweight and dumbbell training, created by Scott Sonnon. Mr. Sonnon excels in developing highly effective and unique training regimens. His original TacFit Commando program is very popular amongst military and law enforcement personnel because he goes beyond just basic pushups and pullups.

You can expect the same sort of workouts in Bad45, which stands for “Bodyweight And Dumbbell.” 45.

All in all, TacFit BAD45 is a legitimate program that lives up to the TacFit brand. Click here to download and get started on Scott Sonnon’s plan.

The program has 5 phases:

  1. Restart (84 days)
  2. Rebuild (84 days)
  3. Strength (84 days)
  4. Mass (49 days)
  5. Refine (35 days)

The Mass and Refine phases add up to 84 days. Therefore, according to Scott Sonnon the 4th and 5th phase are really the most important of the lot. Hence…45….the birth of the name Bad45!

Is this for Women?

Women have been segregated by the fitness industry and told that they need a dramatically different set of training parameters then men. They are told to do lots of cardio, to barely eat, and to stay away from weights.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Excessive cardio can be dangerous for women as much as for men.

Does weight training cause women to bulk up?


No, eating too much causes women to bulk up.

There you go, that’s the best answer I’ve seen anyone give regarding women and weight training.

Therefore, Bad45 is a perfectly suitable plan for women.

Sample Workout

Since we can’t show you an exact Bad45 workout, here is another workout you can see Scott Sonnon performing which is fighter-focused:

All in all, TacFit BAD45 is a legitimate program that lives up to the TacFit brand. Click here to download and get started on Scott Sonnon’s plan.

Notice the creativity of the workout plan. You’ll never be bored!

Pros of TacFit Bad45

  • The workouts can be performed anywhere – while you are traveling, or at home. You require a very minimal amount of equipment.
  • The Progressive Yoga component of the regimen allows you to deal with aches and pains that would crop up in any normal program.
  • A neuroscience component is built into the program, giving you a scientifically backed, tried and true regimen.
  • Provides full details within training manual and workout videos. Scott Sonnon describes and demonstrates each exercise in painstaking detail.
  • Comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. This is not something you will need to take advantage of, because the entire TacFit brand over delivers.
  • The entire program lasts nearly a year…336 days to be exact.  So you can actually go through the entire program, then repeat it a few times without getting bored!

Cons of TacFit Bad45

  • This program may be too unique for some people. If you want a more “normal” program, then try TreadLift which combines dumbbell and cardio exercises. Click here to learn more.
  • The cost of this program is $139. For some, this may seem like a daunting price tag, but as mentioned earlier this program will last you many years.
  • The program is not available in stores. It is downloadable only. This may come as a barrier to some who like to have physical copies. However the videos can be downloadable to your computer or phone – this way you can have a workout available to you even when traveling.

All in all, TacFit BAD45 is a legitimate program that lives up to the TacFit brand. Click here to download and get started on Scott Sonnon’s plan.