TacFit Programs – A Review of Scott Sonnon’s Exercises and Workouts


TACFIT is a unique tactical fitness system that allows practitioners to access their fitness potential through restoring their functional strength in reality-based, practical movement. The main workout system utilizes twenty-six workouts, with four different levels of challenge, as well as six different timing protocols.

Most TacFit programs are bodyweight-based, designed to take your body to par excellence. are among the oldest types of . They involve exercises that don’t require free weights, but the use of one’s own weight to provide resistance for the movement. Bodyweight calisthenics are able to build endurance and strength at the same time.

Who is Scott Sonnon?

Scott Sonnon is one of the world’s top fitness trainers, and is the creator of TACFIT, the World’s Smartest Workout by Men’s Health Magazine in 2014. TacFit also includes another innovative system, Circular Strength Training®. Both systems can now be found implemented in sixty-eight countries throughout the world. These have allowed Coach Sonnon to earn a place in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame and the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum.

Scott’s story of triumph and dedication to helping others has been an inspiration to many people. As a world-renowned author and public speaker, he continues to take his outstanding fighting skills off the mat to deal with  issues pertaining to accelerated aging and childhood obesity.

Bodyweight Calisthenics

Bodyweight Calisthenics, often referred to as , involves any exercise  performed without the use of a weight-bearing implement. It can actually be done as a standalone routine, or integrated into any fitness, bodybuilding or weight loss workout. These movements offer convenience and deliver many benefits, and it can always be tailored to suit intermediate, advanced or even beginner trainees.

The most popular bodyweight calisthenic exercises for the upper body are pullups and pushups. Pullups are great for the back and biceps, and an incredible test of the strength of the upper body. Pushups, on the other hand, are great for building muscles in the shoulders, triceps and chest, as well as improving your muscular endurance and core stability. The bodyweight squat is one of the most effective calisthenics exercises for the lower body.

The TacFit programs go beyond basic pullups, pushups, and squats, challenging your body in new and unique ways.

TacFit Commando

TacFit Commando is a body-weight that involves a broad range of lifestyle, diet and workout training methods fused into a comprehensive system to help build your muscles, obtain healthy weight and improve your conditioning using different tactical movements. Each workout only takes twenty minutes to complete, but involves fat-melting techniques and great intensity that most athletes do not even tap in a whole hour of training. TacFit Commando is based upon actual “Flow Coach” programs that Sonnon currently uses to train MMA fighters, law enforcement officials, firemen, federal agents in the United States, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, Israeli counter-terrorism personnel and many others.

The program includes 3 levels of difficulty – beginner, intermediate & advanced – which integrate scalable exercises based on an individual’s conditioning level and skill. Thus, the program isn’t only progressive but very scalable.

TacFit Rope

Agents and soldiers in the field do not always have access to complete gym equipment. They are usually deployed in very problematic locations and train in between missions. If they want to keep up with their training requirements, they have to know how to improvise various training tools with whatever they have at hand.

TacFit ROPE, also known as Rapid Onset Pull-up Equipment utilizes a piece of rope in place of a TRX system to take practitioners through their entire movement potential to develop functional muscles and multi-directional pressing and pulling strength. As the nervous system adapts, you will add new levels of sophistication to your exercises to continue to develop coordination and skill, as well as stimulate muscle growth. TacFit Rope is very functional, simple, challenging and highly portable.

TacFit Warrior

TacFit Warrior takes bodyweight training and fitness to an entire new level. Great authors, Steven Barnes and Scott Sonnon have joined together to create and develop a highly-targeted fitness system that combines the experience and great skills of the authors.

TacFit Warrior is an experience-based essential for rewiring one’s unconscious and conscious behaviors and thoughts through physical experience. It is a how-to template for obtaining perpetual success and mental clarity with the use of the body as the channel to express such success. In essence, this is a fully comprehensive fitness program that doesn’t only focus on training one’s physical aspect but also on the psychological part of it. It also highly emphasizes the significance of the mind over body.

In addition, the program offers a unique insight on dealing with mental and physical stress with the goal of being ready for an emergency anytime and anywhere, as you’d expect from training regimes for special forces. Thus, TacFit Warrior takes special care of various techniques developed for quick recovery that help practitioners maximize both their parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Overall, this program is designed to take your mental strength and physique to a whole new level.

TacFit Survival

TacFit Survival is an incredible program that integrates intense, tactically-specific movements, fast paced circuits and a training wave that parallels with the natural recovery patterns and energy of the body. The workout takes only twenty minutes to complete, but every session will take you to the brink of intensity.

TacFit Survival is a conditioning and bodyweight strength program created as a comprehensive more essential for those who would want to attain the health and conditioning of a fighter from the use of one of the world’s most sophisticated physical fitness systems today.

TacFit 26 New Generation

TacFit 26 New Generation is Scott Sonnon’s new, innovative comprehensive, plug-and-play fitness program designed to help you develop a higher standard of fitness through burning stubborn fat, making your body injury proof, building functional muscle and enhancing your conditioning level with the use of different movement-based conditioning skills and exercise via distinctive training protocols specifically created to meet the tactical needs of various military operators and service personnel.

Scott’s TacFit 26 is another excellent conditioning program and fitness system that would certainly appeal to many people. It is the most well-conceived approach to a comprehensive, portable fitness plan. It is a unique formula for human fitness performance that can be customized with plug and play ease. The plan includes twenty-six programs, each is actually named after a letter in the Nato alphabet. There are 4 levels in every exercise in those twenty-six programs. You will have access to a valuable bodyweight plugin that will provide you a body weight exercise alternative to just about any protocol for which you don’t have equipment. Every training session is challenging and manageable. Both injury-prevention and recovery techniques are included to guarantee optimal results all the time.

Home Fitness Systems

TacFit routines can be enhanced with basic equipment such as dumbbells, medicine ball, and sandbags.

Home-based programs are designed to help you get in shape while saving yourself from the hassle and inconvenience of going to a commercial gym. If you want to add greater intensity to your workout routines, you can always combine bodyweight training and the use of basic fitness equipment to obtain better results.


The combination of dumbbell exercises and bodyweight training fused with interval workouts can help you save time, as you will obtain the strength benefits of dumbbells and the athletic fitness and fat burning benefits of in just a short period of time.

Bad45 (Bodyweight and Dumbbell 45) is a bodyweight & dumbbell workout system that’s specifically designed to optimize hormones for increasing energy, building muscle and burning fat. It takes the most essential dumbbell movements and full-body, functional bodyweight exercises , organizing them in a compact way to optimize results while minimizing time investment. Bad45 workouts can be performed anywhere and need a very minimal amount of exercise equipment. It is another addition to the valuable TacFit fleet.

TacFit Medicine Ball PDS System

Integrating stress physiology and biomechanics, Scott was able to modify the current medicine ball training research and equipment through 2 methods, Core Activation and Elastic Explosiveness. He has developed the most efficient and successful method to train using medicine balls to obtain sustainable results. TacFit Medicine Ball PDS System has the ability to improve full-body strength, agility and conditioning.

Since its introduction to the market, this system has been gaining in popularity, especially in the military sector. Its portable nature makes it an ideal system for various types of military units. It is now gaining public awareness with exercise enthusiasts, weightlifters and athletes.

TacFit Medicine Ball PDS System features three levels of progression, making the program suitable for all skill levels. The entire system contains a start-up guide, six-day journal calendars and a variety of instructional videos that will guide you through the program and ensure that you get the most out of your training.

TacFit Mass Assault

There is no doubt that Scott excels in developing unique and highly effective training routines and regimens. He always has something to take your training regimens to higher levels. Another evidence of this is his TacFit Mass Assault.

This system is unlike any other mass program out there due to TacFit’s focus to serve individuals in military, combat, sport and law enforcement. This doesn’t mean that the average person cannot take full advantage of it. The truth is, all of the TacFit systems are  suitable for every individual.

TacFit Mass Assault is the leading training program aimed to help you build muscle mass without going to the gym or using expensive gym equipment. It is proven to rapidly build muscles by only using a set of dumbbells.

The entire workout program can be completed in under forty minutes. The instructions are very simple to follow and its unique design makes training something anyone can enjoy.

Kettlebell Systems

Kettlebells are an effective and enjoyable way to improve overall power and strength, help burn body calories in a remarkable way. Kettlebell programs include snatches, squats, high pull and more, which are an extremely powerful and versatile way to work out.

For more intense and advanced workouts, it can be combined with bodyweight training exercises, including TacFit bodyweight routines

TacFit Kettlebell Spetsnaz

TacFit Kettlebell Spetsnaz is the original and the most sophisticated kettlebell program available on the market today. It trains the nervous system through working with different movements that increase in complexity. It uses simple exercise routines at the lowest level and then adds a little level of difficulty when the nervous system is ready to take on the next challenge.

The benefits of TacFit Kettlebell Spetsnaz are outstanding. You build muscle and melt fat at an accelerated level, learn to assimilate new skills faster than before and become more refined than ever before. With its four levels of complexity, practitioners can start at any level convenient to them and track their progress as they move through the progressions. This unique kettlebell program will make you stronger in less than thirty minutes each day.

Performance System

Performance Kettlebell Training System contains an innovative Kettlebell Performance series, which are a very powerful workout system packed with just a single kettlebell. Every movement addressed the human body’s functional line, such as the rear, front, spiral and lateral lines.

Every movement involves 3 different progressions, from the most basic or the simplest and upwards to greater difficulty. These are designed to obtain great body power and develop core strength. It involves the combination of TacFit Kettlebell Spetsnaz and Kettlebell Foundation, which make up a complete fitness system for individuals who prefer to use only kettlebell to obtain greater physical strength.

Clubbell/Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs, also known as Clubbells, is a great ancient tool that is still used today to improve athletic function and circular strength.

In the past decade, clubbell training has experienced a valuable revival, especially among martial artists who realized its remarkable shoulder-strengthening benefits, such as improving core strength, body coordination, forearm strength and grip, as well as attaining shoulder flexibility and strength. Just recently, training with the use of weighted Indian clubs have also become very popular because of the effort of Coach Sonnon.

Clubbell 5×5

Clubbell 5×5 takes swinging and pressing of the clubbell to a whole new level. From reestablishing old technique to integrating more complexity to your compound exercise, your nervous system and body will need to constantly re-adapt and be in control of the growth of your body. For this reason, Clubbell 5×5 training system was developed to cultivate your expressible power and aggressive muscle mass.

In the Clubbell 5×5 program, you will find a chart that contains a variety of program approaches that will tell you what load and level you have to train with, how to properly recover and more. It contains training principles and strength conditioning methods to maximize your use of the equipment. It also contains instructional videos that will guide you through the different exercises from the most basic to top levels. It also features specifically designed cool down for practitioners, so they will be ready to run their next workout feeling healthier and stronger.

Clubbell Yoga

The practice of Clubbell Yoga comes from two ancient disciplines, such as Hatha Yoga and Clubbell training. It evolved from the intelligent combination of strength training and yoga poses with the use of mini-Clubbells. Such integration provides an impressive way to train for flexibility, balance, muscle endurance and core strength in a way that makes sense to the body. Workout routines are designed to help you relieve joint pain and eliminate stress, making it an excellent complimentary regimen for those who participate in intense workouts. It can actually be used in almost any type of workout for a complete training regimen.

Clubbell Yoga has three main principles: Awaken, Condition and Practice. This provides a very effective way to improve one’s functional fitness.

TacFit King of Clubs

Tacfit King of Clubs is Scott’s program minimum that deliver maximum power with the use of his patented Clubbells. With the combination of Clubbells and TacFit training methods, it delivers exceptional results, such as building massive functional strength and boosting your stamina.

Tacfit King of Clubs is the perfect program to do anywhere you are, whether in the field, at home or on the road. It doesn’t require any specialized equipment other than his clubbell. It is designed to maintain and grow your functional muscle, regardless of your gender and age. Within in twenty-minutes a day, you will begin to experience results with this course.

The program includes four workouts for all levels, instructional videos and manual, special cool down and warm up and strain prevention as well as stress conversion mobility programs.

Gymnastics & Advanced Calisthenics

Gymnastics programs are a next level bodyweight-only program using tried and tested tools such as parallettes and rings. They involve remarkable tools for developing upper body strength and building muscle mass, especially on the upper areas of the body such as the shoulder and abs.

TacFit Cradle System of Rings

TacFit Cradle System of Ring is a high-end gymnastics ring-based suspension program that includes the combination of gymnastics ring workouts and suspension workouts. This is different from any typical squat, pullup and pushup plans. The primary purpose of the program is not only to burn fat and put on more muscle mass, but also strengthen your core, enhance athletic performance and prevent injury.

It efficiently debugs the biomechanical dangers that are used in common methods through adapting the equipment to the human body’s ergonomics. This program was also designed to fully maximize shoulder stability. If you are looking for a fitness program that allows you to effectively burn fat and strengthen your upper body muscles with little training equipment, TacFit Cradle System of Rings is the best program for you.

TacFit Barbarian

TacFit Barbarian involves a pair of cost-efficient or even home-made parallete or pushup bars to develop a complete functional fitness from the comfort of your own home.  It presents Scott’s dedicated course of the use of parallette bars for tactical fitness, based on the combination of elements from combat systema, gymnastics, sambo-wrestling, wushu, bboy, parkour, hatha yoga and more.

TacFit Barbarian is a specifically designed system for progressive development of a critical strength technique that many gymnasts call hollow body, power chamber for artists and battery position for military scientists. It enables practitioners to maximize training time to less than thirty minutes while preventing aches, injuries and pains. You will find in the system valuable concepts, principles and Scott’s secret tricks and tips for developing your arms and shoulders, leg and core strength.

Tactical Gymnastics

Tactical Gymnastics is the newest solution available in the industry today for functional fitness requirements of firefighters, soldiers, law enforcers and other servicemen, as well as those who want to increase their movement potential and quality. This program work by increasing your ability to built power while decreasing the overall amount of effort needed to do so.

With Tactical Gymnastics, you are not only training the individual muscle groups but also the entire body through more complex movements that efficiently stimulate the nervous system, helping you function and move more effectively, while improving your muscle growth and shedding excess body fat. From personal training sessions to simple-to-follow fitness videos and systems, you are getting a lot of value with this program.


If you are looking for an incredible fitness system that requires  minimum equipment while providing maximum results, TacFit training methods and programs are your best bet. Every program strongly emphasizes efficient injury prevention and effective recovery. The ‘safety first’ approach to health and fitness and the long-term development program has made these programs a highly sought-after technique to prevent injury while obtaining the fitness benefits anyone aims to achieve.

With the impressive talent, skills and experience of an outstanding fitness coach, Scott Sonnon, an increasing number of people from all over the world can access an incredible range of fitness routines and programs that will help improve the quality of their life and obtain a healthier way of living.

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