TacFit Rope: 5 Facts about Suspension Training

If you want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time using just your bodyweight then you need to try suspension training. Suspension training involves using a device to literally suspend your entire, or a part of your body, off the floor. This technique will make all of your typical bodyweight movements 10 times harder!

With suspension training, you REALLY can workout anywhere and at anytime! All you need is a piece of rope! With most bodyweight training programs, you still need a pull-up bar. But you can’t take a pullup bar with you everywhere. That’s where TacFit Rope comes in.

But first things first: you want to have a sexy body. Convenience is #1 to getting you your dream body. The second thing is to have a challenging workout. And once you incorporate suspension training into your regimens, you will be challenged beyond belief! Even a basic pushup will turn into the most challenging exercise you’ve ever done!

Lets go over the 5 Facts that makes TacFit Rope so awesome:

Fact #1: TacFit Rope Does not require A lot of Equipment or Space, but…

TacFit Rope is a lot more fun then going to the gym and lifting weights. It’s a lot faster too. You have 6 exercises in a sequence, you spend for 4 minutes on each. So that’s a quick, intense, 24 minute workout that does not require expensive equipment or a lot of space. All you need is a piece of rope!

Now, why not just stick to regular bodyweight training? Well, you can, but how would you train your back? Like I mentioned before, you can’t walk around with a pullup bar. But, you CAN carry a piece of rope with you. That’s really all the equipment you will need. With this simple piece of equipment, you can train your back, chest, shoulders, legs, and abs!

Fact #2: Gym Machines and Traditional Barbell Movements can cause Injury, but…

With TacFit Rope, you will not experience the sore shoulders, achy back, and pain in your joints that you normally experiences with gym machines and barbell movements. So ditch running on your treadmill like a hamster and going through the motions at the gym and experience something truly safe and exciting!

I’ve done it all – heavy weight training, gym machines, lots of running, etc. Excessive running has caused bad knees. However, once I switched over to bodyweight training, all my aches and pains went away. So, we already know that bodyweight training is the safer alternative! You just need to use suspension training to make your workouts harder.

It’s time to change the way you workout! Take on the challenge that is TacFit Rope today! Click here to order now!

Fact #3: Cardio doesn’t work, but…

Short, burst workouts work! There was a study that proved that even if you did 1 hour of cardio every day for a year, you’d only burn 5 pounds of fat! Very bad results. Let fast, intense workouts help you burn of all your stubborn fat for you. Combine that with a solid diet, and you’ll have your dream body in no time!

What people don’t realize is that weight loss is a function of a calorie deficit. So you need to burn more calories then you consume. However, cardio is NOT the most efficient way to burn calories. The key to burning lots of calories is to boost your metabolic rate, and you can do that with short, burst workouts.

Also, cardio doesn’t differentiate between fat and muscle. So, a great way to lose muscle is to do lots of cardio. Look at the difference between a distance runner and a sprinter. Sprinters are lean and muscular. Runners are lean, but they’re not very muscular. Most distance runners look like they’re anorexic.

Another problem with cardio is that people get hungry, and they eat. Now, lets say a session of cardio burns 200 calories. Now, your meal will probably 200 calories. Now you’ve just gotten rid of any benefit of the cardio you performed. A better option is to increase your metabolic rate, so that the calories you eat are used right away and burnt off.

Fact #4: You Can’t Turn Fat into Muscle, but…

You can build muscle TO burn fat. The way it works is like this: you do challenging movements that stress your body and build down muscle mass. Eat right. Eat a lot. Eat protein. And you re-build that muscle bigger and stronger. With big muscles comes a faster metabolic rate, because now your body needs more calories to maintain that muscle. Keep your caloric intake the same, and your body uses the fat calories to support new muscle growth!

How is TacFit Rope challenging? Well, bodyweight training in itself is pretty tough. But when you add in suspension training, each and every exercise you do gets tougher. For example, I can do 30-40 pushups easily. But when I did pushups using the TacFit Rope system, I could barely pump out 3 reps my first time!

Fact #5: Crunches won’t help you Lose Fat, but…

According to Mens Health magazine, you need to do 22,000 crunches to burn off 1 pound of fat. Do you have time to do that many crunches? Besides, crunches cause you to have a bad back. I won’t get into it, but if you want a solid midsection, then you need to do movements that stabilize your core. And TacFit rope has the movements that you’re looking for!

Lets go into what a stabilization exercise is all about. Do this: get down into pushup position. Notice how your abs get tightened up. Do a few pushups, and you will see just how much your abdominals are working. Pushups train your abdominals more effectively then situps and crunches!

TacFit Rope has a lot of great ab-specific movements. However, as a mentioned before, even doing pushups on the suspension training system is going to be tough. So, you’ll actually get an abdominal workout with EVERY single movement you perform! All you have to do is take care of your diet, and you’ll see your abs!

What we’re talking about here is a mind-set change. You’re used to going into the gym and training each body part at a time. Now, get used to training your ENTIRE body in one session. 24 minutes, 6 exercises, and your abs are going to be SCREAMING in pain. TacFit rope is the only workout you need for your abs.

It’s time to change the way you workout! Take on the challenge that is TacFit Rope today! Click here to order now!

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