The “Punisher” Workout

A good to me is one that covers all the bases: 1) It’s full body, and 2) It’s intense, and 3) It’s mentally stressful, but satisfying.

Developing a workout is like writing a recipe. You keep tweaking and working at it until what your cooking becomes just right. And despite being such a bad cook, once in a while I’m able to create a workout that so brutal, yet fun, that it gets the job done.

Introducing….the “Punisher” workout

I’ve tried to developed Benchmark workouts in the past, however I feel that a good benchmark workout must stand the test of time. My crew and I have only performed the “Punisher” workout twice, but feel that this workout is the perfect test of both and physical toughness.

Here’s how it works:

Round One:
5 Kettlebell and Press each hand
5 Burpeess
10 Punches each hand

Round Two:
10 Clean and Press each hand
10 Burpees
20 Resistance Band Punches each hand

Round Three:
20 Kettlebell Clean and Press each hand
20 Burpees
40 Resistance Band Punches each hand

What makes this particular workout so unique compared to all the intense that I do is that it is so varied in terms of implements. We’re moving from akettlebell to bodyweight to resistance bands to an all-out sprint. The second thing is this idea of progressive rounds. Each round is twice as hard as the one before it.

But above all, this workout has the most carryover to practical . For one thing, life is random. The workout may not be completely random, but it does have an element of randomness when you switch over to a completely different and implement, especially after you’ve been so worn-out after the first exercise.

The second reason why this workout has such great carryover to practical life is that you train your body as one unit. Even the simplest action in our life such as getting up and sitting down incorporate more than one muscle group. If in life we don’t isolate a particular muscle group, then why should we be doing so while training?

The last final reason has to do with . As in life, the workout become progressively and progressively harder. By the third round you’re so tired that you just want to quite. But it’s going to take the mental to push you past the physical tiredness and finish the workout. In life, we’ll be faced with challenges that defeat us only if we let them. Push through the pain and you’ll see results.

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