Three Intense Bodyweight Workouts for Females

Many females do not lift weights because they do not want to get big and bulky like a guy or like a big female bodybuilder. Instead, they want a toned body with the right curves in the right places. So in order to avoid getting big and bulky, many women either train with extremely light weights, or they do not lift weights at all.

In short, women are afraid of lifting weights. Females should not be afraid of or of getting big and bulky like a man because of one reason: . Simply put, men have a lot of testosterone and women do not. Men can get big and bulky because of this testosterone, and women can not get big and bulky due to the lack of testosterone.

Women can train with big, heavy free weights or perform higher reps with light weighs. Either way, they will not be able to put on the type of mass that they are afraid of putting on. Women are able to put on a certain amount of to help them get nice and toned, however, not as much as most women believe.

Now, I know what you are thinking. What about those female bodybuilders, wrestlers, and athletes that have and shoulders that look like a man? Well, since females do not have enough testosterone to build that kind of mass, there is a strong chance that these women have used steroids or other supplements to increase their level of testosterone. So, if you do not plan to use steroids or testosterone boosting supplements, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about anymore.

I realize that I will be unable to convert a female right away and get her to start lifting weights. To remedy that, I have designed three intense to help you break into the business of intense workouts:

Intense One:

For Time:
20 reps
Squats 30 reps
Sit-ups 50 reps
Squats 30 reps
Pushups 20 rep

This workout will work firm up your entire body and is a great before starting serious . The goal here is to finish the prescribed repetitions before moving onto the next exercise. For example, perform 20 pushups first before going onto 30 squats. Then perform 50 situps, and continue in this manner. Be sure to time the entire workout.

If you are unable to perform all the repetitions, then it is ok to scale down the workout. For example, if you can only perform 10 pushups instead of 20, then you can perform only 10 pushups in the workout. If you are unable to perform pushups or any other of the prescribed exercises, then you can replace them with easier variations.

Intense Workout Two:

For Time:
50 yard sprint
50 sit-ups
50 yard sprint
30 squats
50 yard sprint
20 pushups
Run 1 mile

This is another great non-weighted workout which is specifically designed to help you burn fat. You will be performing sprints at an approximate distance of 50 yard, followed by prescribed . Finish off the workout with a one mile run, and do not forget to time the entire workout.

If you are unable to perform all the reps, then you can scale the workout as mentioned previously.

Intense Workout Three:

Perform maximum rounds in 20 minutes of:
10 Burpees
10 Pushups
10 Squats
10 Dips
5 Chin-ups

In this workout, you set a timer for 20 minutes, and you keep performing the prescribed circuit until the 20 minutes are finished. Your goal is to perform more rounds as time goes on. And as always, you may scale the workouts to your specifications.

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5 thoughts on “Three Intense Bodyweight Workouts for Females

  1. Kris

    Well written Parth! I’m looking to put together a basic workout plan for my wife and a friend and this will be quite useful.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Parth Post author

    Thanks Kris. Glad you like it. Let me know if you have any questions putting together the plan.

  3. Leigh

    This is a great article. I have an aunt that started weight lifting and she got very bulky especially in the shoulders and I often thought the reason was: women were not supposed to lift weights.

    Your article certainly explained why it happened to her and it got rid of the myth. I also contacted my aunt and asked her if her trainer advised her to take anything while she was training, she said yes the gym gave her a bottle of supplements on registering with them, she did not know they were to plump her up.

    Thanks for the information

  4. Parth Post author

    NP Leigh, I’m glad my article helped out. Yeah, even I don’t take any supplements now. You really need to ask questions when trainers tell you to do certain things. I have a few clients, and I try to teach, and not just tell people what to do.

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