Top 3 Bodyweight Squats Benefits for Busy People and Athletes

If there’s one exercise you should be performing, it’s the . This movement has numerous benefits for both and athletes. The following are the top three benefits of the squat:

Benefit #1: Hip Mobility and Strength

Busy people who work tend to sit down and get up a lot of times throughout the day. When you get older, you start to lose the mobility and strength in your hips. Hence, the bodyweight squat is one of the most important exercises for daily life function.

Basic activities such such as sitting down and getting up and picking things off the floor require squat type motions. And a multitude of other activities such as walking, running, and climbing steps use the same muscles as the bodyweight squat. So why not strengthen those muscles so your hips stay strong and healthy for as long you’ll live.

Benefit #2: More Growth Hormone

The more muscle your engage, the more testosterone and human growth hormone you release. Both these hormones have been linked to and mass gain. The biggest muscle group in your body are your legs, and squats work a large percentage of your .

This makes the bodyweight squat an optimal exercise to help you burn more fat and build more .

Benefit #3: Greater Performance

When I was in Karate, we used to do this drill where we had to kick, drop down to the floor, get back up and do another technique. The drill got more and more complicated, but the main idea was to train our bodies to get up off the floor as quickly as possible.

Getting up off the ground is crucial, especially in martial arts. Because if you get tripped or knocked down, you want to get back up quickly to do a counter attack. And guess whoSensei (Karate instructor) said was the fastest “getter upper” in the class?

Me! It was because I was doing lots of on a daily basis.

If you’re ready to incorporate bodyweight squats as part of your fitness plan, then you should check out Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. Coach’s Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock show you how to use unique to , , increase strength, improve athletic fitness, and enhance longevity.


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